The Post Malaysian GST, An Insurer’s Nightmare? 


After the 1st April 2015’s GST implementation…. perhaps now is the time for the industry to reflect upon what’s next. What’s next is not difficult to guess. The Royal Custom & Excise department is certain to conduct a check if…

General Insurers Affected By Malaysian Competition Act 2010


The Competition Commissioner had issued a notice to require provision of information and document by all 22 insurers and their Association under section 18(1) of the Competition Act 2010. The notice further states the Commission has commenced an investigation against them under section 15(1) of the Act where the Commission has reason to suspect the 23 listed parties have infringed or are infringing section 4(2)(a) of the Act in relation to and agreement to fix prices or charges in regards to the following for the period between (sometimes in) July 2011 and up until the date of this Notice….

Traveling Tips | Transit vs. Transfer


Most travelers confuse transit and transfer flights when passing through more than one city. They both require change in flight (as in different flight number), but due to lack of precise understanding people have trouble booking tickets. The more you know, the more it helps! Today’s Delicious Travel Recipe Pincake discusses the difference between “transit” and “transfer” flight.

3 Things Investors Should Know About Malaysian Insurer LPI Capital Berhad

By Lawrence Nga – October 27, 2016  LPI Capital Berhad (KLSE: 8621.KL) is a Malaysia-listed general insurance company that has operations in three countries, namely, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Investors may want to learn more about LPI Capital. Here are three useful pieces…

RMS Analysis Reveals the Ten World Ports at Risk of Highest Insurance Loss Due to Catastrophe

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This write-up perhaps make good reading if you are travelling and intending to lay your underwriting hands into some part of the global risk pie…. On the first anniversary of China’s Tianjin Port disaster, RMS shows six of ten ports…

Your Car was knocked by a commercial vehicle for hire and reward


Assuming your car is insured on a comprehensive insurance cover…. What if you were knocked by a vehicle that is licensed for commercial purposes, and specifically for hire or reward? Examples of such vehicle is taxis, buses and “A” permit….…