Learning from the more advanced insurance markets


The rise of AGGREGATION websites has revolutionised the way general insurance is being sold in the UK, and how it is priced. These sites have also revolutionised the way consumers buy motor, home and travel insurance, giving them greater choice and control, and saving them money. So what is this AGGREGATOR SITE all about? They are basically agent's owned websites having links to the some of the subscribing principal's sites. Customers usually prefer such sites because they can get a few quotes all at once for comparison, something like a one-stop quotation shop. Once the customer is satisfy with the best quote, then they just proceed with the online purchase. The other advantage is this online aggregator website also provide opinions and advises to their customers after securing the quotes for comparison - online though.... In 2008 per UK compiled statistics (source: CII journal Oct/Nov 2009) pointed out that 65% of adult users buying motor insurance actually used the aggregator sites. The response was, "...it is alot more quicker" For more information on how to build your own aggregator site to compete effectively against the intermediary channel, bancassurance and the insurance companies, visit websites like moneysupermarket.com, confused.com, gocompare.com and tescocompare.com.

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