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Does your agency has a business blog

Many agency realize the importance of having a blogsite but they don’t understand what the importance is. As a consequence, many blogs across the country are sadly being abandoned and neglected through no fault of their own.

All agencies, large or small, should have at least a blogsite. But what do you do with that blog? If you own a business, then you are hopefully very passionate about what you do or sell, right? Ok, so blog about it!

Yup, it’s as simple as that. The No. 1 rule of writing is to write what you know. But the No. 1 rule of Internet marketing is to engage your audience with something free and valuable, like information. If you can turn your blog into a go-to information center for your readers, they will want to read it.

Readers may then start to read your blog every day and pass the word around that your blog is great resource for learning about (fill in the blank). The goal is to create a trust factor with your readers by offering them good, insightful and helpful information. After trust is achieved, readers may venture to other areas of your site and, eventually, they may buy something.

Luckily, the benefits of blogging don’t stop there. Your search engine rankings are also more likely to improve with daily blog posts, since fresh and relevant content is a metric that search engine crawlers look for.

As a result, the more fresh and original content you post on your blog, the more authority you demand with the search engines. In fact, some agencies that don’t have the time to write daily blog posts for their site can simply order their blog posts from a certain SEO company that offers custom content creation – what a great idea!

A huge mistake that many uninformed people make while trying to get in on this trendy action is blogging for other people. By ‘other people’ I mean other sites that serve as an aggregate for blogs. Basically, you sign up on a Web site and they give you a space on that site to start a blog.

What you are essentially doing is giving away fantastic, fresh and original content to another Web site, which they use to keep their rankings up. Instead, you want to be sure that you are writing on your own blog which is installed on your own Web site (if you have a website that it). That way you get to reap the benefits of your own writing and improve the rankings of your own Web site.

The key to blogging for the purpose of attracting potential clients involves several things.

First, you need to make sure that the information or opinions that you are offering are interesting, insightful or helpful for your readers. Then you need to make sure that you are writing in such a manner that everyone can understand it, but not be bored with it. You don’t have to insert every semicolon and you don’t have to use long words. But you also don’t want to write something that may make some people think English is your second language.

Finally, don’t hesitate to drop subtle incentives for your readers to actually pick up the phone and ask questions or inquire about services.

Of course, after reading my blog post, you are anxious to get a blog of your own and start blogging! But what do you do if you don’t have a blog? You can ask your Web site developer to install a blog for you or you can give PROJECT MIIA a call and ask us what's the simplest way to install a blog on your site is? We highly recommend WordPress, which is a popular (and free!) blogging platform that works well in tandem with SEO Plugins; but every site is made differently, so this doesn’t apply for everyone.

At the end of the day, you want to be sure that you are having fun with your blog and that your readers are having fun too! They should learn something new or insightful from your posts and they should possibly get a laugh or two out of it, as well. Whichever direction you decide to take your blog, just be sure to promote it like none other. Blast links from all your social media sites and have your friends or employees do the same.

Anymore questions? You know where to find me. In the meantime, happy blogging!

Source: Freebase

Source: Freebase

Special thanks to Dayna Fields

Learning from the more advanced insurance markets


The rise of AGGREGATION websites has revolutionised the way general insurance is being sold in the UK, and how it is priced. These sites have also revolutionised the way consumers buy motor, home and travel insurance, giving them greater choice and control, and saving them money. So what is this AGGREGATOR SITE all about? They are basically agent's owned websites having links to the some of the subscribing principal's sites. Customers usually prefer such sites because they can get a few quotes all at once for comparison, something like a one-stop quotation shop. Once the customer is satisfy with the best quote, then they just proceed with the online purchase. The other advantage is this online aggregator website also provide opinions and advises to their customers after securing the quotes for comparison - online though.... In 2008 per UK compiled statistics (source: CII journal Oct/Nov 2009) pointed out that 65% of adult users buying motor insurance actually used the aggregator sites. The response was, "...it is alot more quicker" For more information on how to build your own aggregator site to compete effectively against the intermediary channel, bancassurance and the insurance companies, visit websites like moneysupermarket.com, confused.com, gocompare.com and tescocompare.com.

What is more important, the mailing list or the products?

The other day I was having a teh-tarik session with a close acquaintance. We were trying to establish as to what was more important in internet marketing - the mailing list or the product offered?

A musician has the product range but who would be the customers?

If having to make a decision on a single option, I would stick to the available marketing list (assuming this list to be updated and of reasonable quality) as the more important item. In my mind, product range is not that important simply because we are more abled to source for them. But, where are we going to get our customers? This has to be from our ready or available listing of contacts.... If we have the customers, we can always post or email some sort of offerings to them to interest them. Even if there are limited positive replies from the customers in the listing, it is still not a major problem. We can still rework our strategies by calling upon them, or we can also use outsource tele-canvassers to do the follow up. The other good thing about the available listing is, it provides you with ample opportunity to develop a following on your internet website or any social networking sites. This "following", even if there are still limited sales concluded, can still be very important source of traffic or audience to your sites. That's why some of the blogging sites have nothing much to sell but earned reasonable income from advertisements, especially those coming from Google Adsense, Nuffnang and Advertlets to name a few. Blogsites having sizeable traffic per day, perhaps in region of 5,000 hits per day are targeted by advertisers for specific advertising activities. Thus, you have some sites, eg. kennysia.com blogging about functions and features of tele-communication gadgets for some prominent brand, earning a handsome sum in return..... The conclusion, at least from my thoughts, is the mailing list or the listing of potential customers should outweighs the product range, at least in this teh-tarik discussion.