Why insurance-eCommerce?

Insurance-eCommerce is the bigger picture of what's internet marketing is all about. eCommerce is no longer an option today as consumers are already spoilt for choice. Today your customers, both young and old alike expect you to be at tip-top condition for both your off-line and online services. You would be perceived as a "lower" brand if you are active merely on the off-line - meaning operating with your physical self and the most you can last for the day is a mere 9-to-6 and on a 5-days' week. But your customers are expecting more from you!

Just think about the following pointers if you are still not sure about what is happening out in cyber-space:

1.   Most insurers and Takaful operators are moving into internet marketing but they are doing it without you....

2.   Customers' profiles are consistently showing a growing numbers of younger insurance customers. These younger customers are also becoming a prominent force in corporate decision-making. There are now more than 8.4 million Malaysian youth between age of 15 and 35 out there.

3.    An average urban Malaysian spends 25% of their time on internet and with the availability of broadband access and internet advertisements growing at a fast pace, the hit rates in online purchasing is going to rise substantially.

4.   Costs of running a physical office is increasing but more and more of your existing commissions are being discounted (mandatory basis) back to direct-purchasing customers. Are you gonna work even harder to find newer customers to keep your office afloat?

If you are not sure of the happenings around you or you wished that your ever increasing burden can be lessened..... give us a try!