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Reclassification of PA and Miscellaneous Insurances Tied to or Marketed Together with Motor Insurance

The General Insurance/Takaful Industry have agreed to reclassify PA/Misc. insurances that are tagged/marketed together with Motor Insurance as Motor Product under the paragraph 2.2 of the Phased Liberalisation of Motor/Fire Tariffs. Products like Passenger PA (whether as a package with other miscellaneous coverage or otherwise) and standalone Misc. Accident package tied to Motor Insurance (like the Enhanced Road Warrior) must now be of the Motor class and financially reported as part of the Motor “Others” or Non-Act.

The Riot Strike Malicious Damage Insurance Cover | #LowYat_Riot-2015

In the aftermath of the riot and /or malicious damage occurrence at Low Yat Plaza on the 12th July 2015, the public was wondering what could have gone wrong – there were numerous versions as to what having caused such an untoward event to happen – perhaps it was the petty theft incidence or was it about the merchant having cheated the customer by selling a cloned phone for a genuine version, or this was triggered by a group of political trolls, maybe thugs? Additional questions? Of course, we are looking at this from the insurance angle….
Was this event a riot to begin with?

Jack Ma | His Speech In Hannover 2015

If the first and the second innovation of the technology revolution liberated the human strength, the physical strength, this revolution liberate the strength of human brain —- the future world will be connected by data, instead of oil or other things. It is not about how the internet connects business to consumers but rather how the use of big data helps business customise their offerings according to the needs of the consumers. Ma said that the key for Internet companies to surviving and enjoying long and prosperous lives would depend on how well they work together with traditional brick-and-mortar companies.

Safety Supervisor, made compulsory for construction site

Got this from the email chain, thought was funny post it over this site. May the real owner provide us with the connection so that we can link it over to his or her site?

It is welcome news for the insurance industry that Site Safety Supervisor is a requirement at construction sites. No doubt this should improve safety at site for workers specifically and ensure safety for the public in general but unsure how…

Career in Life Insurance Underwriting?

Life Insurance Underwriting Life insurance underwriting is a crucial process for determining the risk profile and estimating the premium amount of a policyholder. The underwriting guidelines for insurance companies may differ from one another. When you purchase any type of…

Punitive Damage Awards |Are these recoverable under Reinsurance Agreement?

What are punitive damage awards? In the context of this posting, punitive damages or what is usually termed as exemplary damages are damages intended to deter the defendant and others from engaging in conduct similar to that which formed the…

Trading, wagering, betting, gambling…. an All-in-one-Underwriting

In essence the underwriting process is nothing more than a business game of risk-to-premium trading – where clients trade with the insurers to have their risk of a loss transferred to the latter with the latter getting a premium in…

Old Tales, old squabbles… All argued differently in 2009

It was as if just yesterday that 2008 has passed us by…. Just show how times really fly – we are now almost into the final lap of the first decade of the 21st century. Feelings aside, was there anything…

A little bit and there on insurance-eCommerce under the Breeze….

Hi… I am now in the land below the wind – that’s Sabah, the place I “screwed” (not screwed up though…) for almost 17 years! Or was it luv?   Over the last couple of days, I picked up a…