Aviation Insurance….. We pay! Please don’t bother to take off…


In an Aviation meeting yesterday, we drifted into a question of an emergency landing situation where the pilot of an ATR plane did a forced landing onto a nearby island runway. After the successful landing and the plane’s troubled engine having been repaired, it was discovered the runway is not suitable for take off….. It never occurred to me that a plane like the ATR can land but unable to fly out simply because of the runway length. We further drifted on the subject of getting a very qualified ATR pilot to do the forced take off, the MASTER pilot. But then, the jet airliner like the Boeing 747 is able to take off without much of a problem. It amazes me that an ATR cannot do so… but then this may be just pure ignorance as I am not a air man.

ATR 72 - 500

Anyway, the underwriters from one of the Lloyds syndicates quickly chipped in, “We will pay, thus there is not need to try your luck!” What the underwriters would do is to fly in the specialists to dismantle the aircraft and bundle them before flying them out of the island. Even if the costs some to some RM1 million in ringgit… it is okay, rather having had to pay RM25 million for a failed take off mission!

The underwriters were considering putting in a clause that would prevent any such take off attempt. I think they are serious judging from the many incidences of failed take off around the world.

And…. this bog-posting is just nice as it does not stress me up in any way. This is what I called MICRO-BLOGGING… I would be doing it more often.

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      Don’t really have the time to work this thing out…. Or rather what’s in it for us.

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    April 9, 2010 at 13:24

    Is there a wordpress plugin for microblogging?

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