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Relates to numerous developments within the industry that may have some impact on consumerism. You need to read but need not have to understand fully… meaning read between the lines and then write us a two, three liners.

Pushing Malaysian Motor Insurance Pool (MMIP) to the limit….

  If your corporation is operating a reasonable large fleet of buses, would you consider just buying all the third party insurance policies from Malaysian Motor Insurance Pool (MMIP) and then insure the non-third-party coverage with another insurance provider (the…

Protected: Malaysian Airlines… Your transactional web-portal sucks!

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Protected: Too zealous, too departmental in the drafting of compliance requirements!

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TITLE Insurance – Forging an existence in the Malaysian property market?

A five-member bench of the Federal Court on 21st January 2010 unanimously ruled that the previous Federal Court had misconstrued the provisions of section 340(3) of the National Land Code, 1965 (“NLC”) in its decision of Adorna Properties Sdn Bhd…

Difficult buying your Motor Insurance? Try Malaysian Motor Insurance Pool

Express Buses are bad for insurance business

Updated 09th February 2010 We have updated this blogpost with a recently released Malaysian Motor Insurance Pool (MMIP)’s frequently asked questions. You may like to go through the questions and answers before going to “PAGE 2” for the full write…

More Capital or More Reinsurance?

CAPITAL and REINSURANCE, what to write for layman in a freestyle blogging competition? Insurance companies are risks carriers – they take the risks belonging to the Insureds into their books of business in exchange for a small token. The business…

Kuala Lumpur Community Policing – Counting on the insurance industry?

It is Christmas again…. but this time I am only asking you to help me reduce crimes in the city, so I am expecting you to join me in supporting our KUALA LUMPUR COMMUNITY POLICING fraternity. To top it up I am bringing a whole bunch of INSURERS to join in this Kuala Lumpur Project – What great stuff here! This Project is WIN-WIN positioning for all parties. You can work towards getting volunteers from your housing estate and have the Community set up and I am certain to do the rest…. But first and foremost, please click on the image and banner within my site to show the support – a show of force which KL-ites have never witnessed before…… Also spend abit of time to comment and gives suggestions?????

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Life Insurance Agent Opportunities

Job opportunities are high for the life insurance agents with a background in computer skills and finance. Life insurance agents, these days, use “Smart System” (computer applications) to manage risks accurately. “Smart System” helps life insurance agents in avoiding undue losses and making sound decisions. Internet also influences the work of insurance agents. An internet helps life insurance agents to access information and quotes faster and reduce the time of paperwork. Job opportunity is better for college graduates with business administration course. A bachelors degree in any field and knowledge of accounts and computer provides a good opportunity for a job of life insurance agents. New life insurance agents usually start as trainees and assistant agents. They are given a job to provide information about clients status. As they gain experience, they are promoted to do policy work that is more complex. Being an agent can be a satisfying job for those who like paying attention to details and analyzing. For better opportunity a life insurance agent should have good communication skills.

What will insurance consumers face with the recent National Automotive Policy (NAP) review?

Ban on motor vehicle used spare parts

The recent revised National Automative Policy (NAP) has outlined the gradual phase-out of imported used vehicle parts and components. The government has raised concerns over safety and environmental issues from continuing with the practice of importing used parts and components…