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Blog-Tech is about the working combination of the blogging process and the application of technology in between the setup. This should be something of interest for those who blogs, as our write-ups are more simple and at times pure stupidity…. but that’s very true when you are not familiar with the techs and how they work…. Engage us wherever, whenever and however you love to!

Motor re/insurers set for disruption as autonomous vehicles become the focus

Autonomous vehicles are likely to be a major disruptive force to motor re/insurers, bringing an expected reduction in the risk pool which would decrease motor premiums and downsize the motor insurance market over the long-term, according to J.P. Morgan analysts.…

Kidnap and Ransom (K&R) Insurance, an unexpected protection against ransomware attacks

The original article was taken from IndiaTimes…. but something that most underwriters are surprised that ransomware threats are claimable under Kidnap and Ransom policy.  The kidnap policies are typically used by MNCs looking to protect their staff in areas where violence…

Death of the Agency Supporting Marketers Operating in an Insurance B2B Ecosystem 

What exactly is insurance B2B or business-to-business? Simply says, it is about intermediaries (including customer servicing personnel) using a point-of-sales (PoS) online platform to transact insurance requirements for or on behalf of their customers with the insurer(s) (i.e., principal). The…

Google Wants to be in the lucrative Online Motor Insurance

Google already provides auto- and travel-insurance quotes in the U.K., as well as mortgage quotes, and even credit cards. The moves suggest the search giant wants to offer similar services in the U.S., potentially displacing existing middlemen, as it has done in shopping and travel. Google provides its own product-search tools on the Google Shopping website, and increasingly offers specialized flight and hotel booking tools.

Insurance Companies: Putting Generalists Above Specialists for Technology Transformation Project

Insurance Companies and Takaful Operators | In Technology Transformation Project I read K. Ram Sundaram’s article on Why It Is Important To Put Generalists Above Specialists for Your Technology Transformation Project at Insurance & Technology website with interest for I tend to think there are…

Blogging with Blackberry

I salute technology power for it continues to amaze me again and again, or was it those people behind all those technology creations or inventions that I should focus on? Anyway it doesn’t matter because this is really another of those “chicken and egg” situation as to people first or technology first.

Now with a Blackberry I could enhance connectivity into my blog’s admin panel albeit, features and functions are limited. It is still cool… just do some micro-blogging stuff like this one.

Malaysian Insurance Industry… Will Technology takes the driving seat?

Today, I happened to drop by a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Lecture Series where visiting Prof. Srini Devadas gave a lecture on IT in the year 2020 – Building COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE. How real…. Internet has to a large extent…

Open Web Asia 2010: Bits and Bytes of Web Tech for the Insurance industry

Open Web Asia, 13 & 14 July was some eye-opener for those who are not a techie or a geek… anyway there are not that many non-techies or geekies around either. In summary, the topics discussed were divided into three…

Traffic to Blog – 5 Fun and Fast Ways to Drive Traffic to a New Blog Within 24 Hours

Getting traffic to a brand new blog is a lot easier than you think. This blogging article will explain how to drive traffic to a brand new blog in its first 24 hours.

An Anniversary of Web-creations and World Cups worth remembering…..

football, soccer and balls

Just got through another year of cyber-rendezvous, and if my memory could still takes me back to the days of 1997 I am sure I would be able to remember the day when I first created a website. The purpose then was…