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As robots advance, up to 5 in 10 Malaysian jobs at risk

This article is taken from the edgeweekly, thought was interesting thinking about what’s going to happen to our industry in the next couple of years…. Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance would make a good example. KUALA LUMPUR: Some 18,000 people who…

Time to file your taxes | Malaysian Tax system

I stumble on this infograph recently, which I think is useful for readers of Malaysia Insurance Online for this is the tax season of the year. Hope you likewise find this useful…. Courtesy:

Hiring the best for the insurance industry | Learning from Google

Leadership – in particular emergent leadership as opposed to traditional leadership. Traditional leadership is, were you president of the chess club? Were you vice-president of sales? How quickly did you get there? “We don’t care. What we care about is, when faced with a problem and you’re a member of a team, do you, at the appropriate time, step in and lead. And just as critically, do you step back and stop leading, do you let someone else? “Because what’s critical to be an effective leader in this environment is you have to be willing to relinquish power.”

5 types of people who never succeed at work | Human Resources Online

They exist in every office. The people who moan, who are afraid of change and who don’t stick around long enough to complete a job. As their boss, colleague or mentor, you are probably annoyed by them every day, but here’s the thing – these people will almost never, ever succeed in their careers….

Doctrine Of Contra – Proferentem In Contracts Law

The need for interpreting a contract can arise in two situations. Firstly, if the Judge or Arbitrator is of that opinion that “a gap is needed to be filled” in order to interpret the Contract and secondly, if she/he believes that “an ambiguity is needed to be resolved” in order to find the correct intention of the contract. The Doctrine of Contra Proferentem is generally applied by the Judges in the later case where a contract appears ambiguous to them. With the passage of time, the Judges have started appreciating the significance

Latest on PDPA | Malaysia’s Personal Data Protection Act 2010

PDPA insurance

Malaysia has come a long way to finally pass and implement the PDPA after a wait of more than a decade. The PDPA has commercially far-reaching implications and severe penalties in the event of non-compliance. The intent of the PDPA is not to inhibit business but to grow it by giving consumers confidence that their personal data will be protected. Errant data users should bear in mind that it is no longer “business as usual”….

I-G Training Pte Ltd

I-G Training Pte Ltd

I-G Training Pte Ltd (IGT) with its new business model is the new power-house for insurance related training in the South East Asia region.   I-G Training Pte Ltd (IGT) is established to provide technical and practical training to the…

Insurance Talk Show over at Play in new window | Download | Embed A Podcasting Affair On….. “Not For Anyone” It is not everyday you get to share your views LIVE over the radio – sharing the various tips and matters of interest…

Writing for the Money | Insurance Articles

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Blogging for the money is normal and that’s include monetising your blog and so on, but writing for the insurance association (aka Persatuam Insurance Am [PIAM] or Life Insurance Association of Malaysia [LIAM]) for money is something else. During my…

Underwriting Energy Insurance with I-G Training’s International Seminar

The experts used to say, “Watch out for the four “C’s” of insurance protection for the oil and gas explorer or operator — contracts, coverages, costs and claims” The contracts identify the indemnities and liabilities in exploration or oilfield agreements…