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Reclassification of PA and Miscellaneous Insurances Tied to or Marketed Together with Motor Insurance

The General Insurance/Takaful Industry have agreed to reclassify PA/Misc. insurances that are tagged/marketed together with Motor Insurance as Motor Product under the paragraph 2.2 of the Phased Liberalisation of Motor/Fire Tariffs. Products like Passenger PA (whether as a package with other miscellaneous coverage or otherwise) and standalone Misc. Accident package tied to Motor Insurance (like the Enhanced Road Warrior) must now be of the Motor class and financially reported as part of the Motor “Others” or Non-Act.

The Post Malaysian GST, An Insurer’s Nightmare? 

After the 1st April 2015’s GST implementation…. perhaps now is the time for the industry to reflect upon what’s next. What’s next is not difficult to guess. The Royal Custom & Excise department is certain to conduct a check if…

Your Travel Insurance Not Paying For Haze Related Claim?

Two friends were travelling home to Singapore from their holiday in Langkawi when their travel plans were disrupted by the haze. One who had taken out MSIG travel insurance got nothing, while his friend, an Aviva customer, received S$300 in compensation for the delay.

Posting Your Boarding Pass Online? | TPA Travel Insurance

The Borneo Post ran a quick check – using a boarding pass of a local airline – on an online barcode reader site. Using only image of the barcode instead of the whole boarding pass, the programme managed to note the passenger’s full name, travel itineraries including frequent flyer number, flight and seating arrangement. Decoding the barcode only required uploading an image of the boarding pass.

The Insurance Of Life | Inflation Kills

Today I read an article on Malaysia Kini where a health insurance policyholder lamented over why insurer has to be so divisive over various treatment options; one that requires hospital admission and one being on outpatient basis. If the policyholder…

Economic Shockwaves of Infectious Diseases (Looking Back)

Emerging infectious diseases and their growing economic costs

A pictorial graphical on emerging infectious diseases Browsing through the internet and came across this graphical presentation of various infectious diseases; diseases that put a big dent on country’s economy…. thought this is great for refreshing out thoughts. While this…

Healthbase Prescribes Medical Tourism Ensuring Good Healthcare for Americans at All Insurance Levels

Michael Moore’s latest movie, SiCKO, makes clear the present healthcare scene in America. In such a situation, international healthcare providers help Americans by providing them the healthcare they need at affordable costs. Medical tourism, as the practice is called, benefits not only uninsured and underinsured Americans but insured Americans as well. Healthbase offers help to patients going overseas for surgery by saving them money and making accessible services not covered by their insurer.

AH1N1…. Did the government declare it as a disease requiring quarantine by law?

We have written an article titled “The A H1N1 pandemic…. Is your Health Insurance covering you?” back in June 15 this year describing that AH1N1 is an excluded risk in the Health Insurance policy in any event the government having…

The A H1N1 pandemic…. Is your Health Insurance covering you?

Generally, all Health Insurance in Malaysia cover pandemics and communicable diseases, save when the persons infected are required by the government to be quarantined. Quarantine can be within the confines of the government-designated areas or in the house. By means…