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The missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 | the search continues

6 months later, the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 continues…. I thought this writeup By David Fickling, at Bloomberg | September 11, 2014 was interesting and worthy of a repeat here, which highlighted the numerous developments and the many difficulties encountered

Malaysian Airline System (MAS) – Boeing 777-200ER Date of Loss: 17th July 2014

If it is confirmed that the aircraft was shot down then the aircraft hull will be covered by Hull War (Re)insurers. The passenger legal liability would be covered by Liability (Re)insurers….

Aviation Legal Liability | Airline Will Not Escape Liability if Act of War Caused Crash

Pray For MH17

Officials say 283 passengers and 15 crew members died when the flight crashed in Ukraine near the Russian border on Thursday. So far, there is no evidence that the aircraft malfunctioned; officials say it was brought down by a Russian-made antiaircraft missile. But according to the Montreal Convention, a 1999 international treaty that governs airline liability and compensation for the victims of air disasters, Malaysia Airlines is liable, regardless of whether it is at fault for the crash. Airlines do not have to pay for damaged cargo if it’s damaged in an act of war. But in the case of death or injury to passengers, the aircraft carrier can be held liable for up to 113,100 Special Drawing Rights, an updating, weighted average of convertible currencies.

How an Act of Aggression Complicates Insurance Questions for Malaysia Airlines

The key issue is whether the shoot-down of a civilian airliner over an area where there is a conflict but no official declaration of war will trigger aviation insurance policies’ “wartime exclusion” clauses. Such clauses are written into almost every insurance policy of a costly, high-tech airliner such as the 777-200, and they mandate that the insurance companies underwriting the aircraft won’t be liable if an act of war or terrorism destroys the plane.

MH370 Insurance settlement for loss of airplane

This is the latest development in regards to the insurance settlement of the loss of jet plane, Boeing 777 – 200ER. We understood from the market that the jet (also referred to as the Hull in the insurance sense) is insured on a Hull All Risks basis for USD100 million, which usually is on an agreed value basis. Of course, in addition to this Hull’s sum assured there are others, like legal liability to third-party including passengers, personal injury, medical related expenses, cargo and mail legal liability, baggage & personal effects, premises, hangar-keeper & product liability. … all of these categories are subject to a combined single limit, which we think should be in the region of USD420 million. In addition too Hull War risks are covered to an agreed value similar to the Hull value, i.e. USD100 million. To sum all these sum assureds up, we should get:

Labuan Captive Insurer…… from reinsurance captive to fronting insurer?

Labuan Offshore Financial Services

Pardon my ignorance! But seriously…. very few practitioners actually knew about a major change having made to the section 140(1) of  Malaysian Insurance Act 1996 back in March 2009. Let’s revisit relevant subsections of section 140 of the Insurance Act…

A Boeing 747-400 JOY-RIDE that can be explosive to your Excess of Loss Protection!

1st May 2010 morning did provide some heart-troubling scenes for those who were within the Golden Triangle location to witness. Morons made moronic decision – just because those pilots were senior and experienced crew, with each having clocked over 10,000 flying…

Aviation Insurance….. We pay! Please don’t bother to take off…

TRYING A HAND ON MICRO-BLOGGING… 😎 In an Aviation meeting yesterday, we drifted into a question of an emergency landing situation where the pilot of an ATR plane did a forced landing onto a nearby island runway. After the successful…

A “little bit all over the place” on Aviation Insurance

I felt sort of  priviledged having experienced underwriting some aviation risks over the last couple of years. So it is a feel good thing for me to pen something about aviation risks…..(by the way, that’s not me!) hopefully getting them in the correct…

Are you insuring any foreign registered aircraft?

In Malaysia, foreign registered aircraft can be used only for private purposes, ie. company staff and families. The aircraft cannot be used for hire because the rules said, the aircraft should only be operating where they are registered. Thus if…