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Insurance covers concerning Property and Pecuniary classes

The Technical sides of Double-Insurance and Contribution in Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine insurance is one of indemnity, therefore the Insured is to be placed in the same financial position they were in prior to the loss. They cannot therefore claim for the same loss under their global programme. Depending upon the language of the policy, it is likely the Insured is covered on a contingent basis (i.e. buyers or sellers….

Lantern Festival Full-Moon Insurance for Holiday | Malaysia Insurance Online sells

The Mid Autumn Festival, which falls on Sept. 19 this year, is one of Greater China’s biggest holidays and features a lantern festival, the exchange of mooncakes and dining with family and friends while gazing at the harvest moon.

To ensure the holiday is an auspicious one this year, residents of three cities—Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen — can buy insurance online for 20 yuan (about US$3) and be compensated for up to 50 yuan if clouds obscure moon-viewing between 8 p.m. and 12 a.m. on Sept. 19.

Life policy owners can no longer be trustees | theSundaily

Under the new FSA, policy owner can no longer appoint himself/herself as the trustee of the policy moneys. In the event no trustee is appointed, the beneficiary (or nominee) who is competent to contract will be the trustee. If the beneficiary is incompetent to contract, the parent(s) of the incompetent beneficiary (other than the policy owner) will be the trustee. Only when there is no surviving parent of the incompetent beneficiary, the Public Trustee will then be appointed. 

Do Malaysians need mobile phone insurance?

I read the following article with interest…. Do we actually need any insurance to cover your mobile phone, since most values are below RM 2,000 each. Cheap Premium for Mobile Phone Whatever it is, if the premium is cheap for…

Economic Shockwaves of Infectious Diseases (Looking Back)

Emerging infectious diseases and their growing economic costs

A pictorial graphical on emerging infectious diseases Browsing through the internet and came across this graphical presentation of various infectious diseases; diseases that put a big dent on country’s economy…. thought this is great for refreshing out thoughts. While this…


In recent days the term, FLEXA cover has been widely mentioned whenever coming to insuring of risks either located overseas or where contingency business interruption (CBI) is involved. Examples of CBI related risks are those of extensions in business interruption…

Persatuan GIANTS (Gabungan Insuran Agent N Takaful 1Malaysia)?

insurance agency is perhaps something like this?

  This is interesting piece of news over Harakah Daily, thought of sharing this over here. And, you do read with a SMILE…. will you? At least for the…. 1Malaysia part of “Gabungan Insuran Agent N Takaful 1Malaysia”. This piece…

Stock-throughput insurance coverage in Marine Cargo Insurance

career in marine underwriting

Providing a STOCK-THROUGHPUT INSURANCE COVER or avoiding it? Excluding stock-throughput coverage in a Marine Insurance reinsurance treaty agreement is a norm. However, if you check with your peers the exact nature or meaning of what stock-throughput means, nobody seems to…

Sanction Clause putting its claws into the Non-Marine Insurance segments

Talents for the country in the making Sanction Clause on an expansionary mode I have numerous discussions with my reinsurance brokers as well as my lead reinsurer lately, the main subject was on the appropriateness of sanction clause being imposed…

Buying Your Motor Insurance with Passenger Liability Extension Cover?

This posting is about Legal Liability to Passengers (LLP) or in simple term, “Passenger Liability” – talks about what’s being covered and what’s not, including the insurers’ obligation under the Road Transport Act (RTA) to cover passenger liability in identified…