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Edelweiss General Insurance goes bullish on Open API, IT News, ET CIO

I find this article intriguing as I can foresee the next battle field is at the API strategics. How you find this article a good read. Special thanks to Nikhar Aggarwal and The API model will help customers access…

Insurtech | Malaysia first casualty

After the Regulatory Sandbox and the launch, dust finally begin to settle. GetCover may as well be that famous one in the Malaysian insurtech scene, the first to go down. Organisations and peoples who were supposedly the driving force behind…

Web Aggregator and Direct Purchase – The Singapore Experience

The following article was written by Irene Ng, Life/Health Branch Manager of Gen Re’s Singapore office. Although the article was inclined towards life products, nevertheless was very relevant for applying them across the GI industry vis-a-vis selling on a B2C channel…

Death of the Agency Supporting Marketers Operating in an Insurance B2B Ecosystem 

What exactly is insurance B2B or business-to-business? Simply says, it is about intermediaries (including customer servicing personnel) using a point-of-sales (PoS) online platform to transact insurance requirements for or on behalf of their customers with the insurer(s) (i.e., principal). The…

The LIAM’s perspective on Sell insurance online

The Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM) is urging insurance companies to sell their products via online platforms to drive the penetration rate to 75% in 2020 from the current 56%….LIAM president Toi See Jong expressed hope that the companies could establish their own platform by Jan 1, 2017.


Salam Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin …. click for a comparison insurance quote.

Usage-based Insurance and Telematics

Usage-based Insurance basically utilise telematics data provided by policyholders vide some embedded gadgets in the vehicle or home surroundings to help insurers redefine how premiums are being imposed. The manner the vehicle is being driven or how homes are being monitored or even how policyholder handle their daily affairs where Health Insurance is concerned are important for insurers to better understand the risk as it progresses through time. The starting point of acceptance may still be discounting of premium but safety of love ones and health of policyholders are slowly catching on…. Check the INFOGRAPHIC by Tower Watson in one of their US consumer survey on the use of usage-based insurances….

Google Wants to be in the lucrative Online Motor Insurance

Google already provides auto- and travel-insurance quotes in the U.K., as well as mortgage quotes, and even credit cards. The moves suggest the search giant wants to offer similar services in the U.S., potentially displacing existing middlemen, as it has done in shopping and travel. Google provides its own product-search tools on the Google Shopping website, and increasingly offers specialized flight and hotel booking tools.

Selling tools Insurance Agents want

I somehow got (over the last three years or so) to the point that agents are not interested in just products or product packaging that insurance companies could provide to them to sell; there is no shortage in new products or packaging of products including services that are available in the market, and certainty not when agents are allowed to represent two principals….

The insurance agents are actually