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Setting up an extensive branch network to expand business?

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STRETCHING THE BUSINESS-REACH GEOGRAPHICALLY – Building on BRICK-AND-MORTAR or Mobile-eCOMMERCE setup, which is more effective? šŸ˜Ž Expanding business reach nationwide is not exactly easy nowadays. With underwriting agents and multi-tier agency models gone since the 1990s, widening the business network…

All Online wannabes… to register or not with Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM)?

Last week the Malaysian dailies reported that all online (eCommerce) businesses must be registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (or SSM in Bahasa Malaysia)? The dailies further reported that more than 400 online businessmen are being charged in court…

Open Web Asia 2010: Bits and Bytes of Web Tech for the Insurance industry

Open Web Asia, 13 & 14 July was some eye-opener for those who are not a techie or a geek… anyway there are not that many non-techies or geekies around either. In summary, the topics discussed were divided into three…

Motor Insurance Direct Discount – time for agents to reinvent

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In 2009, the Malaysian non-life insurance industry had resolved to provide MANDATORY discount on all motor insurance purchased directly from the insurers – the scheme of discounting was such that it would be 5% for the first year of implementation…

Traffic to Blog – 5 Fun and Fast Ways to Drive Traffic to a New Blog Within 24 Hours

Getting traffic to a brand new blog is a lot easier than you think. This blogging article will explain how to drive traffic to a brand new blog in its first 24 hours.

Our Insurance eCommerce, B2C concepts needed some revisiting….

A PROJECT INTO INSURANCE e-COMMERCE FOR AGENTS I attended a function recently, a function where bloggers gather in a drinking place to make a fuss about all sort of things – from slow internet speed, poor paying advertisers, useless software…

Protected: Malaysian Airlinesā€¦ Your transactional web-portal sucks!

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A RM500,000 GenPage web portalā€¦.. for Web Cage?

MSIG, Malaysia agents

Just can’t help taking a swipe at MSIG’s recent launch of their RM500,000 GenPage website portal. OMG! Is this some exorbitant show or what! In the days of open source, cloud computing and free templates for website building, why is…

Scripting incompatibility and Viruses for Christmas…. Almost!

It is end of the year again and everyone is in festive mood….. I was preparing to post a blog entitled, “Christmas message: The Hazards of Immorality in Risk Assessment” – trying to put up some sort of a sermon,…

Protected: MyEG, new kid on the e-Commerce block with REAL MUSCLES….

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