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Eight (8) Great Things Great Leaders Do

This piece of Jack Welch’s advice on Leadership skills does make sense —- the need for a good team, focus getting to the mission, work with optimism, trust with team members, demonstrate courage, overcoming challenges, inspiration and reward success.

The Foreign Grip On Our Insurance Industry

….whatever being the real reason(s), the locals and the foreign lieutenants must learn how best to work efficiently and effectively towards achieving established common goals – it is pathetic when those foreign lieutenants don’t articulate well the strategic and tactical direction for the company, and through it all, consultants after consultants are being engaged to carry out projects after projects that may at the end of the day doesn’t add up….

Motor Insurance | A Telematics Adventure for ASEAN?

CAR makers are taking the connected car seriously if examples at the ongoing Paris Motor Show is anything to go by..

From Peugeot to Volvo, new cars come with touch-screens, computers, telematics, sensors, and internet connectivity.

For supporters of connected cars – among them mobile operators and technology companies such as Google and Apple – the future cannot come soon enough.

However, the lifespan of automobiles, unlike mobile phones, is measured in decades, not months. No amount of fancy gadgetry will convince someone who has a new car to upgrade in a hurry.

Most cars on the road today are fitted with an on-board diagnostics, OBD II port, which can spit out a wealth of information about the car’s performance, including distance driven. Plug in a third-party device and it can harvest all that information.

Financial Adviser’s (FAR) licencing simplified

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) is simplifying the process of obtaining financial adviser’s representative (FAR) licence in order to attract more FARs and is expected to make an announcement some time this month.
A source close to the matter told SunBiz that the modules for Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and….

I-G Training Pte Ltd

I-G Training Pte Ltd

I-G Training Pte Ltd (IGT) with its new business model is the new power-house for insurance related training in the South East Asia region.   I-G Training Pte Ltd (IGT) is established to provide technical and practical training to the…

Forensic Services

Forensic Services in Malaysia

Forensic Services (M) Sdn Bhd The word “forensic” is generally misunderstood by the majority of people. This is again largely because of the proliferation of television shows and movies that are produced these days that relate to the forensic gathering…