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The truth about job-loss or unemployment insurance

By Devansh Sharma, ECONOMICTIMES.COM | Jun 08, 2017 If you are considering to buy a job-loss cover, read the primer so that you do not end up buying something you did not want. If you are afraid you might be laid off by your…

Kidnap and Ransom (K&R) Insurance, an unexpected protection against ransomware attacks

The original article was taken from IndiaTimes…. but something that most underwriters are surprised that ransomware threats are claimable under Kidnap and Ransom policy.  The kidnap policies are typically used by MNCs looking to protect their staff in areas where violence…

Passenger Rights come to Asia: an overview of the Malaysian Aviation Consumer Protection Code 2015

Clyde & Co LLP Malaysia March 3 2017 The Malaysian Aviation Commission (“the Commission”), an independent adviser to the Malaysian Ministry of Transport, recently established the Malaysian Aviation Consumer Protection Code 2015 (“the Code”) to protect passengers’ rights in Malaysia. The…

Challenges Ahead for Marine Insurance Underwriters

The marine insurance sector is undergoing a period of change. We need to ensure we fully understand the risks our industry is facing and offer products that match these new trends and deliver adequate cover needed.

Insurance of New Constructed Power Plant

The MAJORITY of new, international power plant and other process types of projects being constructed using unskilled and largely unsupervised construction labor suffer from sloppy workmanship which does not comply with the codes, standards and best industry practices required in the construction contract(s).

Insurance (Exemption) Order 2009 and Order 2012?

In 2012, the following orders were also introduced under the Insurance Act 1996 (now repealed and replaced by Financial Services Act 2013) to strength those liberalisation measures:
Insurance (Exemption)(No. 2) Order 2012; Insurance (Exemption)(Amendment) Order 2012; and Insurance (Approved International Marine, Aviation and Transit Insurance Brokers) Regulations 2012

Malaysian Airline System (MAS) – Boeing 777-200ER Date of Loss: 17th July 2014

If it is confirmed that the aircraft was shot down then the aircraft hull will be covered by Hull War (Re)insurers. The passenger legal liability would be covered by Liability (Re)insurers….

Professional contractual indemnities | watch your insurance exclusions

This article considers the issue, from a practical perspective, of the effect that indemnity clauses within contracts executed by “professionals” have on coverage under their professional indemnity insurance policy. In this context, a professional is one who has a professional indemnity insurance policy…. It is relatively common to find professionals signing away contracts containing various engagement or indemnity clauses to that the extent of exposing them towards indemnifying their clients and the owners in respect of….

The Press Metal Effect | the underwriting sides of things

The recent RM150 million claim on machinery breakdown and machinery breakdown loss of profit was another eye opener, especially for the underwriting fraternity and those that involved with reinsurance. The following are some snapshots that may be of interest to…

The Energies behind the Oil & Gas Industry

All claims which arise from onshore refineries, petrochemical plants and any installations within their boundaries, even while under repair, maintenance, extension or modification, after the initial handing over to the operators, are excluded.

Onshore Refinery Risks Exclusion and Oil & Gas (O & G) Risks Exclusion within Treaty Reinsurance contracts I dislike it when reinsurers start to take off some of those usual fringe benefits that they used to generously allowed for the…