Insurance Companies Snooping on Twitter and Facebook Accounts?

In US and Europe markets it is already a common thing for insurers to check various information of individual by “snooping” on to the social media platforms as a form of intelligence gathering. Insurers use of social media for anti-fraud purposes is no more a violation of privacy than the way other companies use such information for marketing and other purposes. The problem is that the concept of what is public and private has changed, and technical advances have outstripped the way people think about what is public and what is private. What individuals choose to share publicly is their prerogative and once shared it is very difficult to argue on gounds of invasion of privacy. 

“Getting worried over your twitter and facebook accounts being snooped upon?” 

However, as of now snooping on our social media postings is not a norm so no worry but we may not know for sure…. Hope the following video makes great viewing perhaps picking up a point or two….


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