Communication is very important… it is really NOT about language

Over the weekend while having some discussion on the subject of english with my Korean friend, YB Lee from Korean Re, he stressed to me, while having a strong grasp of English Language is important but it is still not the most important. The most important is the ability to communicate the objectives or the important pointers to the other party successfully.

He told me a story of “GLOBISH” meaning global english. In one particular meeting where the CEO of a large global company gathers all his regional heads from outside US and Europe markets for a meeting in Tokyo. On that eventful day, more than 30 heads of regions were gathered but the chief was late due to some last minute but urgent meeting with the major shareholders of the company.

As everyone gathered around awaiting the arrival of the chief, there were much discussion being generated among the participants. As many were from non-english speaking countries, speaking good english among one another was notably difficult but with tack and genuine intention to understand one another better, they were able to appreciate the other’s daily functions and regional strategies adopted by a different countries. Much learning was generated among the participants within a very short half and hour period.

When the CEO finally arrived, he went straight into making his usual lengthy speech targeting the company’s global business direction and strategic goals. The end results were limited participation, and almost no questions were raised during the Q&A session. No one seemed to know exactly what the CEO was talking about. Thereafter, it was the turn of all the regional heads to make their presentation of their respective regional activities. Although presentation was made in english language, it was observed by the moderator and emcee of the event that the participants are more capable of understanding each other than they could understand their chief. In his closing thereafter, he made a remark, particularly targeting the CEO, that no matter where we are from and whether we are proficient in english or otherwise but when coming to delivering speeches or making presentation, it is really about empathy and discarding apathy in communication. So Mr. CEO, can you speak better english? If not please try to globish!

YB Lee is a graduate in English Literature in one of the University in Korea. He felt ultimately the focus in today’s English language learning should be more on effective communication rather than achieving higher efficiency in grammatical and literature and so on…. like local expression! Many Asians do have good education using english as its main medium but they do have much difficulties understanding what many of the english and Irish folks are trying to tell them, especially where slangs and local lingoes were being involved.

Finally many Malaysian especially those of the early gen-X and baby boomers era like to taunt the local university graduates for their lower proficiency with english language…. and tends to put down our education system after having concluded the system was the sole reason for the poor english showing of our graduates today. But is perfect english so necessary today? Should english topple the importance of communication? Isn’t communication much more important as well as the real reason why english is still being widely used today? Well! communication is the real focus in today globalised world….. so that’s what YB Lee and I finally concluded.

coolAccordingly, you just need to master 1,500 words of english and use them with standard grammatical structure….. you should be  able to achieve the global communicator status.

Read more at globish

Now….listen, don’t taunt me over my not so good englishing…

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4 comments for “Communication is very important… it is really NOT about language

  1. mikechan
    March 9, 2010 at 01:17

    Hey! good no need spek good englishi ah! But who will understand?

  2. WatsUp?
    August 5, 2009 at 09:48

    Good English and structured thought is the foundation of effective commnunication. There’s no two way about it.
    Application of good English should not be confused with the usage of difficult and superfluous words.

  3. dhon
    July 25, 2009 at 06:28

    You can read a couple of chapters of the real thing — IN Globish — from the new book Globish The World Over now at or read reviews at <

  4. July 24, 2009 at 18:12

    A great communication can do anything. People who have good communication are really so lucky, they can work in almost every “green” field. Thank you.

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