Dangerous Scammers Who Threaten to Tow Your Car Away in KL

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Con artists make money through deception. Despicably, they lie, cheat and fool people just for the sake of making a quick buck.

Taking to Facebook, one netizen shared his experience of almost becoming a victim to a scam in Kuala Lumpur. And the whole ordeal was pretty horrifying too!

M'sian Warns Netizens Of Con Artists Attempting To Tow Your Car Away In Kuala Lumpur - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Facebook

In his post he writes, “I want everyone especially women and those who leave their name card on the dashboard to take note.”

In his post he explained that the incident took place nearby MITEC.

“I met my female friend in MITEC, she told me that someone from DBKL (with a private number) wants to remove her car. So I offered to accompany her to her car which was outside the northern entrance of MITEC.”

“As we arrive, we were greeted by three gentlemen who claimed that the car has an outstanding loan of 19 months, yes 19 months and the main guy was very rude.”

After telling the man off for his attitude, things start to escalate when the man did not back down even after they told these con artists that the car had no outstanding loan payments.

“He boasted that he knew the law and dared us to call the bank or the police if we were unsure.”

Feeling pressured, his female friend began calling the bank, only to have her phone snatched away by the con artist.

“When my friend called the bank, he snatched the phone and pretended to talk to the receptionist on the phone, but in truth he cancelled the call and then told my friend that the phone call ended.”

The netizen then consulted another friend who knew better about such situations.

“I called my friend, as he has experience in this and asked me to pass the phone to the con artist, but the con artist was rude and told him to f*** off and that my friend knew nothing about the law.”

Not wanting to adhere to anymore requests from the conman, the netizen began to call the police to resolve the issue.

“When i was contacting police, one of the men kept following me till I told the guy off that I needed my space. But what I did not know was that when I was contacting the police, the con artist kept telling my friend to ask me to end the call, otherwise they will toll the car away.”

Sensing danger, the con began questioning the presence of the netizen, stating that this was not his problem.

“The culprit kept asking for my identity, where my female friend told the culprit that I’m her boss. They insist that if this is not my problem, I should leave, but I didn’t.”

The con men’s tactic was to alarm and not give their victims any chance to think – this made their victims confused as to how they should handle the situation.

The men insisted that they possess the documents needed to tow the car – and from then on began to threaten both the netizen and his female friend. They demanded RM5,500 as a way to ‘settle’ the issue, or risk the car being taken away.

When the police were on their way to the scene, the conman daringly attempted to tow the car.

“When the police were almost arriving, they took notice and began attaching my friend’s car to the tow truck.

“He even rudely snatch away my friend’s car key and forcefully dragged my friend’s car when she was still inside.”

M'sian Warns Netizens Of Con Artists Attempting To Tow Your Car Away In Kuala Lumpur - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Facebook

Worse, when the police arrived, the conman insisted that the care was under the bank and added that it was their responsibility to take the car away. They didn’t even back down despite a police officer being there!

The victims told the officer that the car in fact did not have any outstanding payments and that the bank asked her to lodge a police report for further action.

“We made a police report in Jinjang and proceeded to Sentul to meet with the IO. The culprits agreed to follow us but in the end went missing.”

In his Facebook post, the police are currently in the process of arresting the con men.

We truly hope that justice will be served and urge Malaysians to be on the lookout for the individual captured on camera to help the police in their investigation. These scammers were absolutely relentless, even in the presence of a policeman. The victim later updated his post saying that the man is in fact dangerous as he has more than 20 records of criminal offences, which includes robbery with weapons and hurting the victims.

Please be careful everyone!

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