Economic Shockwaves of Infectious Diseases (Looking Back)

A pictorial graphical on emerging infectious diseases

Browsing through the internet and came across this graphical presentation of various infectious diseases; diseases that put a big dent on country’s economy…. thought this is great for refreshing out thoughts. While this graphical presentation may be outdated but by far SARs still lead in terms of economic impact and its influence on people. Also note the Malaysian Nipah virus sometimes back in 1997; that alone hits us with an approximately USD400 million bills….

This picture graphically illustrates two important trends in recent years — the growing number of emerging infectious diseases, and their growing economic cost and impact. SPECIAL THANKS TO for this pictorial presentation….

Emerging infectious diseases and their growing economic costs

Infectious diseases and their economic costs


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1 comment for “Economic Shockwaves of Infectious Diseases (Looking Back)

  1. Joe
    September 15, 2012 at 19:27

    Wow, the Nipah virus that had affected Malaysian was some 15 years ago!

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