I am getting sleepy… Manchester United!

I have not been to a grandstand live-action sports for a long time since my father took me to one when I was a very small boy. July, 18th I took my kids to ManU versus M’sia. Started our journey more than one hour before the match starts, but it was a shocker….roads were blocked…there were lacking in traffic controls. Many opted to park along the main road, some along the highway and of course I double-parked after circling the area for awhile. We have to walk for some 20 mins to reach Bukit Jalil National Stadium. On approaching the stadium, I noticed there were indeed empty parking lots just outside the stadium….mind boggling again!

ManU3ImanU-Ladysupporters am not sure if I am still considered a ManU fan – I used to be until I stopped gambling on football many years ago… Anyway I still have some feel for this team.


We entered through the green gates but ended up in areas meant for the red gates category; looks like the organiser oversold the RM98 category. Ultimately we ended up seating in the last row and everything on the field looked like small insects.


While things were getting to bored me….ManU scored two goals and then before the end of first half, M’sia scored but I missed it! My first reaction was to wait for the replay….I realised there was none…no TV around, so use to replay nowadays! Then the replacement goal keeper of ManU missed kick the ball and as a result our striker scored to draw level! He certainly looked like a clown, yes! I don’t need a replay!

10 mins before the end, we have to walk out. You know when you have to double parked, we must have the courtesy of moving out early…. Just when we were outside the stadium, the crowd cheered very loud – Owen scored, score is 3-2!


At time of writing this blog, the organiser announced that there would be a replay on monday 20th July as a replacement for the Indonesia’s match. ManU refused to play Indonesia; security was cited as the main cause.

NO! I am not going for this next match! But certainly good to post something about ManU because today, tonight and tomorrow until 22nd July, “Manchester United” would likely be the key search words in google. Get a piece of this action, man….4 LOL!




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