IT Projects – Bridging the Communication Gap

bridge1My journey in IT projects was revived in 2003 after almost 2 decades of abstention. Whilst a much younger me participated as a technician, the receiver of directions, my recent self had involuntarily become the leader of the User Group, the deliverer of requirements to the techies.

All projects commence with the end in sight. And it begins, like all constructions of mega buildings, with the placement of a single stone. Hackneyed, no doubt, but fact.

It should be noted that Malaysia’s national problem with the english language is pervasive and we are not spared from the effects of this conundrum. I’m trying to put this is as mildly as i can. ;-P

As leader of the User Group representing both staff and business partners, i have to document all requirements and wish Document list to the vendors. The challenge in this is the oft breakdown in communication. Q & A sessions with Users are held to crunch their needs and articulate these in writing. Attention is paid to the details at this point, as the saying goes, trifles make perfection but perfection is no trifle!

Communication with vendors is another bridge to cross. Of course if the vendor has experience in our business, the bridge is already partially crossed.

During testing, a useful tool to use for communication is Google Doc which can be shared by all participants on real time basis (well, occassionally there’s a lag time, but it’s manageable, the pros outweigh the cons) – issues can be logged, viewed, edited and responded by all collaborators. This cuts down problems arising from overcrowded emails and maintain a single version of document on all issues logged.

Next, i’ll talk about the need for stakeholders to buy in to the project.

[The views described above are the author’s own and are not meant to represent that of the Company’s]

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