Jack Ma | His Speech In Hannover 2015

Watch Jack Ma, Alibaba founder giving a speech at the CeBit conference in Hannover, Germany on 15 March 2015. This conference was attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese Vice Premier Ma Kai. Among the things he talked about the following seem interesting enough; something that our insurance industry should know and perhaps develop a vision and embark on a mission….

  • Jack Ma hopes that one day buying things with a smartphone will be as easy as taking a selfie (he demonstrated a payment system on a smartphone using facial recognition technology —- this technology is currently tested by Ant Financial, an Alibaba affiliate that runs the Alipay payment service and that Ma hopes to help take public in 2017).

“To buy things online can be a big headache. You forget your password and you worry about security,” he said, espousing the virtues of face-recognition.

  • One thing that Jack finds very strange is that very few Internet companies can survive peacefully and healthily for more than three years.

“Even though everyone believes that the Internet has made a huge impact and has done great things to the world, why are Internet companies always worried? “Whether it is Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, or Alibaba, we are all worried, every day. We think that there must be a problem — the problem is that we must find a solution so that as a company, we can live a long, happy and healthy life, like Mercedes Benz and Siemens,” he added, referring to the German automotive and industry giants.

“An industry can never be a mainstream industry if it cannot live happily for more than three years.”

  • If the first and the second innovation of the technology revolution liberated the human strength, the physical strength, this revolution liberate the strength of human brain —- the future world will be connected by data, instead of oil or other things. It is not about how the internet connects business to consumers but rather how the use of big data helps business customise their offerings according to the needs of the consumers.
  • Ma said that the key for Internet companies to surviving and enjoying long and prosperous lives would depend on how well they work together with traditional brick-and-mortar companies.

“It did not work then because people thought that trade fairs and [the online world] were in contrast to each other”

Watch & Enjoy….do note a lot of people actually pays a couple of thousand US dollars to hear him talk; now you can have this here.

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