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While the Government gets set to enforce the Personal Data Protection Act, all involved should comply with the provisions of the Act now instead of adopting a wait and see’ attitude. Here is the latest news report from Star online:
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Universiti Malaya’s data protection law expert Prof Abu Bakar Munir says it is imperative that the Act is enforced soon as all our personal information is fast flowing out there, making its security a big concern.“With petabytes of data transferred and stored on a daily basis, personal data is the new oil of the Internet and the new currency of the digital world. That is why people are concerned about privacy, especially when they transact online,” he said at a recent media forum on the PDPA’s enforcement hosted by security firm Symantec.Due to the growth of the social media network and mobile devices, users around the world send around 47 billion (non-spam) email and 95 million tweets daily. Each month, users share about 30 billion pieces of contents on Facebook.Crucially, he stresses, people need an avenue to seek redress for violations of their personal data and privacy.

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