Malaysian Airline System (MAS) – Boeing 777-200ER Date of Loss: 17th July 2014

Here are some loss flashes by UIB reinsurance broker. …

A Malaysian Airline System Boeing 777-200ER aircraft, registration 9M-MRD, which was performing a flight from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) with 283 passengers and 15 crew on board has crashed near Grabovo, (80 kilometres northeast of Donetsk), Ukraine. According to reports the aircraft was en-route at 33,000 feet on upper airway 980 and about 50 kilometres from the Ukraine/ Russia border at 14.15 Local Time.


At the time of writing (21st July,
2014) it has been widely reported that the aircraft was shot down by unknown persons. If the aircraft was shot down, no one has admitted responsibility for it.

Malaysia Airlines has confirmed that the aircraft was carrying 193 Dutch citizens, 27 Australian, 43 Malaysian (including 15 crew), 12 Indonesian, 10 British, 4 German, 4 Belgium, 3 Philippine, 1 New Zealand and 1 Canadian.

17th July 2014

If it is confirmed that the aircraft was shot down then the aircraft hull will be covered by Hull War (Re)insurers. The passenger legal liability would be covered by Liability (Re)insurers.

Insured: Malaysian Airline System (MAS) Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Registration 9M-MRD
Year of Build 1997
Hull Value US$97,335,000
Liability Reserve To Be Advised
Engines: 2 x Rolls Royce Trent 892

Broker — Lead Insurer Hull & Liability: Willis – Allianz
Hull War: Willis – Atrium
Period: 12 months @ 1st December 2013

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