Munich RE buying over Paul, the OCTOPUS oracle?

Spain, is it!

It is World Cup Football… but attention is now on Paul, the eight-legged oracle. This octopus had successfully predicted the outcomes of all six of Germany’s games in South Africa, and this including picking Spain as the winner over Germany in the recent semi-final game. In the last European Football Championship, two years ago Paul was also magnificent with his prediction (almost though) getting four out of five predictions correct on matches played by Germany.The only missed prediction then was also related to Spain versus Germany, where he also selected Spain, but Germany won…. This time, he really got it all correct!

No one knows how he did it, but for a while it made him the most popular invertebrate in Germany, stealing headlines even from the coalition government. But as a result, every other Germans are now going after his blood and wanted to have him for lunch! Calls for killing Paul the Octopus have already begun in Germany, for predicting Germany’s loss to Spain correctly. I just hope, Germans turn vegetarians for a while.

Is Munich Re buying over to prevent the octopussy from being kidnapped and killed? Perhaps at the same time appoint him as Chief Catastrophe Underwriter? At least he can make good predictions on whether any particular year would be badly affected by cat losses, or whether a particular country would be affected by natural disasters….. Then, whether this be any good investment or not, the next match is coming up for Germany – the Germany versus Uruguay.

But, would the Germans be able to pick themselves up and look forward for Paul’s next prediction? I am already thinking….. Paul may just predict Uruguay to win over the Germans – that’s a real peril he would have to consider! It’s another of those hazardous tasks being the Chief “Prediction” Underwriter…..

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3 comments for “Munich RE buying over Paul, the OCTOPUS oracle?

  1. bloggie
    July 28, 2010 at 07:03

    A way to go mannnnn! Paul is now going Russian.

  2. July 16, 2010 at 09:27

    Hey, Paul octopus here. In Malaysia, I am nothing but a sotong which sometimes being cooked with kangkong belacan. But then with such great predictions, I may get to be a “Latuk” and can charge millions in fee giving talk here talk there!

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