Scripting incompatibility and Viruses for Christmas…. Almost!

It is end of the year again and everyone is in festive mood….. I was preparing to post a blog entitled, “Christmas message: The Hazards of Immorality in Risk Assessment” – trying to put up some sort of a sermon,…

Protected: MyEG, new kid on the e-Commerce block with REAL MUSCLES….

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Old vehicles on third party insurance are costing the insurance industry hundreds of millions annually…. but would converting them to comprehensive helps?

buy insurance for old cars

Performance of old vehicles in a nutshell. It is already common knowledge that old vehicles (≥ 15 years category) in the absence of adequate loading on the tariff gross premium are not writable risks, and especially so where more than…

The simple side of Risk-based Capital (RBC)

Rewriting the Malaysian Risk-Based Capital (RBC) for underwriters and claims handling personnel. A Weblog from the past on RBC framework as seen from the eyes of a General Insurance underwriter…… Compared to the previous solvency margin methodology, this RBC is abit…

Insurance Accounting Software: How To Get The Best One

Insurance business has developed and prospered by leaps and bounds in the last few decades. This has not only made their transactions big but have also made them a little more complicated with new insurance policies being launched every day.…

Insurance Agent Websites – How to Take Your Agency Online

Key to better agency management

Smart insurance agents understand that having a well-designed insurance agent website is critical to succeeding as an insurance agent today. But how does an agent launch and manage their website? In this article, we look at the pro’s and con’s of the three main options insurance agents have available to them to launch and manage a website.