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Blogging is So Yesterday, Right?

Blogs are a way of exporting your site’s content and message to an audience beyond traditional search. Creating a quick blog post and clicking Publish can instantly update several of your social media accounts while at the same time adding new content to your site, which keeps the search engines happy.

Kuala Lumpur Community Policing – Counting on the insurance industry?

It is Christmas again…. but this time I am only asking you to help me reduce crimes in the city, so I am expecting you to join me in supporting our KUALA LUMPUR COMMUNITY POLICING fraternity. To top it up I am bringing a whole bunch of INSURERS to join in this Kuala Lumpur Project – What great stuff here! This Project is WIN-WIN positioning for all parties. You can work towards getting volunteers from your housing estate and have the Community set up and I am certain to do the rest…. But first and foremost, please click on the image and banner within my site to show the support – a show of force which KL-ites have never witnessed before…… Also spend abit of time to comment and gives suggestions?????