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Valentine Day | Marrying… consider some marriage-support insurance

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Happy Valentine Day…. and wondering what to write about the occasion. Oh! yes… we are not going to get ourselves embroil in the recent fatwa (or edict) concerning “Mind the Valentine’s Day Trap”… Perhaps it is good if we revisit…

Writing for the Money | Insurance Articles

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Blogging for the money is normal and that’s include monetising your blog and so on, but writing for the insurance association (aka Persatuam Insurance Am [PIAM] or Life Insurance Association of Malaysia [LIAM]) for money is something else. During my…

All Online wannabes… to register or not with Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM)?

Last week the Malaysian dailies reported that all online (eCommerce) businesses must be registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (or SSM in Bahasa Malaysia)? The dailies further reported that more than 400 online businessmen are being charged in court…

Traffic to Blog – 5 Fun and Fast Ways to Drive Traffic to a New Blog Within 24 Hours

Getting traffic to a brand new blog is a lot easier than you think. This blogging article will explain how to drive traffic to a brand new blog in its first 24 hours.

An Anniversary of Web-creations and World Cups worth remembering…..

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Just got through another year of cyber-rendezvous, and if my memory could still takes me back to the days of 1997 I am sure I would be able to remember the day when I first created a website. The purpose then was…

Blogging is So Yesterday, Right?

Blogs are a way of exporting your site’s content and message to an audience beyond traditional search. Creating a quick blog post and clicking Publish can instantly update several of your social media accounts while at the same time adding new content to your site, which keeps the search engines happy.

Advertising on Facebook

Imagine the insurance industry utilising Facebook as a method of niche marketing. But unfortunately none in existing times! Are we missing out on a great opportunity to reach out to hundreds of millions of active users. 😮 Something for the…