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What is so professional about an Insurance Agent?

Professional agents should be more concerned about the client’s exposures than even the client is because of the significant consequences of improper or missing coverages. Insurance is about saving your client from ruin!

The Riot Strike Malicious Damage Insurance Cover | #LowYat_Riot-2015

In the aftermath of the riot and /or malicious damage occurrence at Low Yat Plaza on the 12th July 2015, the public was wondering what could have gone wrong – there were numerous versions as to what having caused such an untoward event to happen – perhaps it was the petty theft incidence or was it about the merchant having cheated the customer by selling a cloned phone for a genuine version, or this was triggered by a group of political trolls, maybe thugs? Additional questions? Of course, we are looking at this from the insurance angle….
Was this event a riot to begin with?

Doctrine Of Contra – Proferentem In Contracts Law

The need for interpreting a contract can arise in two situations. Firstly, if the Judge or Arbitrator is of that opinion that “a gap is needed to be filled” in order to interpret the Contract and secondly, if she/he believes that “an ambiguity is needed to be resolved” in order to find the correct intention of the contract. The Doctrine of Contra Proferentem is generally applied by the Judges in the later case where a contract appears ambiguous to them. With the passage of time, the Judges have started appreciating the significance


In recent days the term, FLEXA cover has been widely mentioned whenever coming to insuring of risks either located overseas or where contingency business interruption (CBI) is involved. Examples of CBI related risks are those of extensions in business interruption…

Converging Our Motor Insurance Industry For Asean Cross-border Collaboration

ASEAN Economic Community

Over the weekend I spent sometime reading through some papers concerning Asean framework agreement on facilitation of cross border transportation of people. This proposed agreement is with the view to promote and ease cross-border movement of people residing within member…

Stock-throughput insurance coverage in Marine Cargo Insurance

career in marine underwriting

Providing a STOCK-THROUGHPUT INSURANCE COVER or avoiding it? Excluding stock-throughput coverage in a Marine Insurance reinsurance treaty agreement is a norm. However, if you check with your peers the exact nature or meaning of what stock-throughput means, nobody seems to…

Buying Your Motor Insurance with Passenger Liability Extension Cover?

This posting is about Legal Liability to Passengers (LLP) or in simple term, “Passenger Liability” – talks about what’s being covered and what’s not, including the insurers’ obligation under the Road Transport Act (RTA) to cover passenger liability in identified…

Market Value for Motor Vehicles

Market Value of Vehicles, Why not for the Birds?

How To Determine The Market Value of Your Motor Vehicle For Insurance? Check no further…. read this; it is from the Central Bank, The Consumer & Market Conduct Department…. Insurers and Takaful operators must ensure that they (including their agency…

Check your Insurance Policy Jurisdiction | Overseas’ Risks

At times we may be requested to issue a Contractors’ All Risks policy in Malaysia to insure an overseas’ risk, either the risk being an incidental part of the main risk or it is the main risk itself. Usually is…

Violent Forcible Entry or Exit — A Robbery Affair

Macally Air-Alarm1 SecurityMan D.I.Y. Wireless Home Alarm System Kit

Whenever we issue any theft or burglary related coverage it is a norm to have “VIOLENT AND FORCIBLE ENTRY” as a condition before any such loss is covered. Whether you are an insurance consumer or practitioner, including agents it is…