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Detariffication experience in Asia

Premium rates for motor and fire insurance are regulated or tariffied in several countries. In a tariffied regime, premium rates are controlled, usually for reasons of public policy. Conversely, on the other hand, once detariffied, insurers will be free to…

Practice Notes 00002 of 2017 on Motor Insurance Detariff Do’s and Don’ts

The Practice Note dated 20th June 2017 that contains the Regulator’s latest FAQs was certainly not anything good for the Non Life industry, definitely not when Hari Raya is just around the corner. It has caused significant disruption for the…

General insurance premium set to go up from April 1

By PTI | Updated: Mar 26, 2017, 07.55 PM IST This is an India thing but it makes good reading considering Malaysia is also implementing the detariffication of our Motor and Fire insurance tariff. India regulators imposed  +/-5% and Malaysia is on a…

A Period Of Silence Or Blackout Before Premium Rates Change On 1st July 2017

The General Insurance industry is slowly changing (although we may not have noticed those changes) in the face of the liberalisation roadmap for motor and fire insurance practices; a “Roadmap” dedicated by regulators towards building a more modern and robust…

10 Years of De-Tariffication in India

This article was written by one, Ayush Jain to mark the 10th year of detariffication of the non-life insurance in India, quite timely though if we read this from the Malaysian perspective…. Ironically, despite suffering bad underwriting results year in…

The Horses Mouth | The Concept Paper for Detariffication and Liberalisation Roadmap

BNM is not exactly sure how to deal with those queries put forth by the audience. We were not sure if those queries confuse BNM or BNM’s replies having confused the audience; ultimately they think going back to cardinal rule#1, just submit to BNM for us to eye-ball and we shall tell you if those products that were being mentioned were indeed have no infringement of the tariff and the spirit behind this roadmap….

Detariffing Motor & Fire Insurance and Liberalisation of the Malaysian General Insurance Industry

The (BNM) Bank Negara’s Concept Paper on “PHASED LIBERALISATION OF MOTOR AND FIRE TARIFFS” is out, posted on their kijang-net portal and awaiting responses (until 29 April 2016) from insurance practitioners. I thought of highlighting what I could possibly see and decipher from the very “condensed” write-up. I would appreciate some feedbacks from you guys before I summarise some responses to BNM. By the way, I am not able to post the full concept paper here as the paper is not supposed to be for public viewing, nevertheless I should provide you with one if you have genuine intention to provide necessary feedback. Kindly provide me with the necessary info within the following contact form:

Liberating the Malaysian Motor and Fire Insurance Tariffs

In the first phase (the first year of implementation, starting July 1), the industry will be allowed to offer “new products” and optional add-on covers at market rates. This can include, for example, additional policies to cover engine hydro-lock (water entering the engine in lightly flooded areas, separated out from the currently costly flood damage insurance), lost car key replacement, and perhaps even the availability of courtesy cars.