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Digital Franking System (DFS) For Insurance Guarantee Stamping


A few months ago numerous insurance companies wrote to the Stamping Office of the Malaysian Inland Revenue Board (IRB) requesting that the stamping requirement for insurance bond or guarantee issued to cover foreign workers be simplified or to allow self-franking by the insurance companies themselves. Of course the original intention was to complain against certain companies and shame them (in public) over the manner the “Stamp Duty Paid” mark was placed onto their Foreign Workers Insurance Guarantee (FWIG) policy. At that time the public understanding was that any documents falling under BOND or GUARANTEE must be stamped at the Stamp Office and not to be handled by any third party.

Breaching Insurance rules and regulations in the name of profits | Insurance & Takaful Online

Foreign workers insurances

Are you a supporter of insurance regulation breaches or you are already reaping some rewards from supporting those breaches? Some insurance practitioners are so ever willing to breach established regulations just to gain a slice of any premium segment deemed…

Legalise Illegal Foreign Workers With Insurance Assists

More and more things to do for the insurance industry, but necessary to get more business

348 agents to process illegal foreign workers‘ applications for the purpose of legalising them in a biometric-system-driven programme or Program 6P And the General Insurance companies and Takaful Operators are going to be a part of these 348 agents….. But…