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Motor and Fire Insurance unlikely to be detariffed rather will be restructured on risk-based pricing

The non-life insurance industry is not likely to see any detariffication in the near term; more like the Bank Negara putting it through some form of restructuring, i.e. from a risk-based premium pricing to making the industry workforce and agents more professional in their modus operandi. The following are emphasis:

(1) Premium should be fairly charged —- risk behaviour of policyholder is important.

(2) Insurers and Takaful operators must have a proper pricing regime in place so that those fairness as pointed out in item (1) above could be dispense. Not sure if this pricing regime is to be submitted to the regulator before launching the premium pricing structure….

The Insurance Of Life | Inflation Kills

Today I read an article on Malaysia Kini where a health insurance policyholder lamented over why insurer has to be so divisive over various treatment options; one that requires hospital admission and one being on outpatient basis. If the policyholder…

Economic Shockwaves of Infectious Diseases (Looking Back)

Emerging infectious diseases and their growing economic costs

A pictorial graphical on emerging infectious diseases Browsing through the internet and came across this graphical presentation of various infectious diseases; diseases that put a big dent on country’s economy…. thought this is great for refreshing out thoughts. While this…

Legalise Illegal Foreign Workers With Insurance Assists

More and more things to do for the insurance industry, but necessary to get more business

348 agents to process illegal foreign workers‘ applications for the purpose of legalising them in a biometric-system-driven programme or Program 6P And the General Insurance companies and Takaful Operators are going to be a part of these 348 agents….. But…

Writing for the Money | Insurance Articles

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Blogging for the money is normal and that’s include monetising your blog and so on, but writing for the insurance association (aka Persatuam Insurance Am [PIAM] or Life Insurance Association of Malaysia [LIAM]) for money is something else. During my…

Healthbase Prescribes Medical Tourism Ensuring Good Healthcare for Americans at All Insurance Levels

Michael Moore’s latest movie, SiCKO, makes clear the present healthcare scene in America. In such a situation, international healthcare providers help Americans by providing them the healthcare they need at affordable costs. Medical tourism, as the practice is called, benefits not only uninsured and underinsured Americans but insured Americans as well. Healthbase offers help to patients going overseas for surgery by saving them money and making accessible services not covered by their insurer.

Sex Insurance, the Product (P1) Concepts

A LESSON ON NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT I would love to move on by starting work on the other 3 Ps – P2 for Positioning, P3 for Pricing and P4 for Promotional but alas I have a friendly reader who insisted…

AH1N1…. Did the government declare it as a disease requiring quarantine by law?

We have written an article titled “The A H1N1 pandemic…. Is your Health Insurance covering you?” back in June 15 this year describing that AH1N1 is an excluded risk in the Health Insurance policy in any event the government having…

The A H1N1 pandemic…. Is your Health Insurance covering you?

Generally, all Health Insurance in Malaysia cover pandemics and communicable diseases, save when the persons infected are required by the government to be quarantined. Quarantine can be within the confines of the government-designated areas or in the house. By means…