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Motor and Fire Insurance unlikely to be detariffed rather will be restructured on risk-based pricing

The non-life insurance industry is not likely to see any detariffication in the near term; more like the Bank Negara putting it through some form of restructuring, i.e. from a risk-based premium pricing to making the industry workforce and agents more professional in their modus operandi. The following are emphasis:

(1) Premium should be fairly charged —- risk behaviour of policyholder is important.

(2) Insurers and Takaful operators must have a proper pricing regime in place so that those fairness as pointed out in item (1) above could be dispense. Not sure if this pricing regime is to be submitted to the regulator before launching the premium pricing structure….

Best Re at its lowest | Malaysian Insurance Industry affected?

Best Re rating

BEST RE’s FINANCIAL RATING PERFORMANCE POSITION — THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION Best Re (Labuan) Ltd. was once a darling reinsurer of the Malaysian insurance industry, especially for the non-life markets. Most difficult risks got placed simply because of the presence…

Bank Negara Circulars and Guidelines 2012 – 2013 | Insurance & Takaful Industry

 Bank Negara Guidelines & Circulars issued in 2012 and being implemented in 2013. As we enter 2013 it is refreshing for us to take a glimpse of what’s would be brewing in the next couple of months and I take…

2011 Bank Negara Malaysia’s Guidelines & Circulars | Malaysia Insurance News

The importance of buying insurance

Auld Lang Syne 2011 and Happy New Year 2012! We are arriving at the doorsteps of 2012, so Malaysia Insurance Online wishes to thank you guys for faithfully arriving at our site in 2011 and hope you guys would be…

From Insurance Levy to PIDM Premium | Malaysia Deposit Insurance Corporation Act 2011

Press it Right

The PIDM Guidelines 2011 (for Takaful and Insurance benefits Protection System {TIPS} – submission and returns on calculation of premium)…. …..has just been introduced. Except for the issue date of this guidelines that was on 11 March 2011 nothing much…

Bank Negara’s Circulars and Guidelines | Happy New Year 2011

Happy Holiday at the beach?

Here we are at the very doorsteps of 2011 and a public holiday to go along with the celebration. Today’s holiday was declared by the Prime Minister for the nation to celebrate the Malaysian football team’s one of those rare…

Foreign Workers’ Compensation Scheme | frolicking with the extras….

  Whenever a Malaysia-domiciled enterprise engages a foreign worker, the following types of insurance are compulsory: Foreign Workers’ Insurance Guarantee (or Bond) (FWIG) Foreign Workmen’s Compensation Scheme (FWCS) Foreign Workers’ Health Insurance (taking effect from 01.01.2011)   CEO! You may…

Protected: Ex-Top Executives of PanGlobal Insurance charged over misuse of insurance fund…. the first Malaysian Insurance Act – Prosecution! Creativity that brought the downfall?

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