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Insurance Industry in 2014 | A Malaysian Perspectives

Detariffication (where both Motor and Fire related insurances are going down the free market path) is not exact a bad word but as the industry probe along, people seem to have differing viewpoints and at time some are wondering why are we so jittery about this…. — the industry is already operating its Marine, Miscellaneous Accident, Liability and Engineering classes without much of a problem. Of course they may had forgotten the combined Motor and Fire contributed some 67% of the overall non-life premium for the country; that’s the very reason why the authority is concerned.

Buzz around the Malaysian insurance industry

We work in the insurance industry where at times rumours and hearsay may travel faster than our pace at work; of course we get the buzz coming from our grapevine, some being rumours and hearsay, but some are definite news…

Blogging with Blackberry

I salute technology power for it continues to amaze me again and again, or was it those people behind all those technology creations or inventions that I should focus on? Anyway it doesn’t matter because this is really another of those “chicken and egg” situation as to people first or technology first.

Now with a Blackberry I could enhance connectivity into my blog’s admin panel albeit, features and functions are limited. It is still cool… just do some micro-blogging stuff like this one.