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Motor and Fire Insurance unlikely to be detariffed rather will be restructured on risk-based pricing

The non-life insurance industry is not likely to see any detariffication in the near term; more like the Bank Negara putting it through some form of restructuring, i.e. from a risk-based premium pricing to making the industry workforce and agents more professional in their modus operandi. The following are emphasis:

(1) Premium should be fairly charged —- risk behaviour of policyholder is important.

(2) Insurers and Takaful operators must have a proper pricing regime in place so that those fairness as pointed out in item (1) above could be dispense. Not sure if this pricing regime is to be submitted to the regulator before launching the premium pricing structure….

Jack Ma | His Speech In Hannover 2015

If the first and the second innovation of the technology revolution liberated the human strength, the physical strength, this revolution liberate the strength of human brain —- the future world will be connected by data, instead of oil or other things. It is not about how the internet connects business to consumers but rather how the use of big data helps business customise their offerings according to the needs of the consumers. Ma said that the key for Internet companies to surviving and enjoying long and prosperous lives would depend on how well they work together with traditional brick-and-mortar companies.

Usage-based Insurance and Telematics

Usage-based Insurance basically utilise telematics data provided by policyholders vide some embedded gadgets in the vehicle or home surroundings to help insurers redefine how premiums are being imposed. The manner the vehicle is being driven or how homes are being monitored or even how policyholder handle their daily affairs where Health Insurance is concerned are important for insurers to better understand the risk as it progresses through time. The starting point of acceptance may still be discounting of premium but safety of love ones and health of policyholders are slowly catching on…. Check the INFOGRAPHIC by Tower Watson in one of their US consumer survey on the use of usage-based insurances….

ASEAN in 2015: Will Lower Oil Prices Interfere with its Economic Expansion?

Talking about ASEAN and how as a regional hub will help push the Malaysian Insurance industry to a newer height, this is one good article at KNOWLEDGE@WHARTON —- I supposed this makes great reading since contents were tastefully compiled and presented. Hope our readers will enjoy…. The 620 million people living in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, are facing some potentially big changes in coming months, given lower oil prices and the formation of a regional economic community.

Grab the Malaysia Motor Insurance Pool premium structure

Noticed from the traffic search for “Malaysian Motor Insurance Pool” of “MMIP” has grown substantially over the last couple of months… A total of approximately 8,000 page views over the last 8 months was observed. I thought it would be…

Open Web Asia 2010: Bits and Bytes of Web Tech for the Insurance industry

Open Web Asia, 13 & 14 July was some eye-opener for those who are not a techie or a geek… anyway there are not that many non-techies or geekies around either. In summary, the topics discussed were divided into three…

Motor Insurance Direct Discount – time for agents to reinvent

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In 2009, the Malaysian non-life insurance industry had resolved to provide MANDATORY discount on all motor insurance purchased directly from the insurers – the scheme of discounting was such that it would be 5% for the first year of implementation…

Can an insurance agent issue policy on behalf of the insurer?

insurance policy issuance by agents

Since the early 1990’s after the sun had dawn on the now defunct underwriting agency channel and their network of sub-agency, insurance companies had totally discontinued allowing the issuance of policy documents (other than cover notes) by agents. Moreover the Bank Negara then was…

Our Insurance eCommerce, B2C concepts needed some revisiting….

A PROJECT INTO INSURANCE e-COMMERCE FOR AGENTS I attended a function recently, a function where bloggers gather in a drinking place to make a fuss about all sort of things – from slow internet speed, poor paying advertisers, useless software…

Project Malaysia internet-Insurance Agency Network…. New breath for agents?

I must be quite a relieved man, having spent the last 5 days single handedly (with bare hands) got the prototype site for Project – MIIA Network running. You may want to check this site out: http://malaysiainsurance.info/Project-MIIA Because of this…