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The need for foreign vehicles to have local insurance on both sides of the Causeway

Having Singapore insurers cover foreign vehicles will lead to greater confidence for victims that their no-claims discount will be protected, as there will be no cross-border claims involved. Hence, this will encourage them to claim against their own policies first and get their vehicles repaired earlier.

Malaysian Insurer Liable for Passengers Injury in any Road Accident Involving Malaysian Vehicle that Occurred in Singapore

Malaysian Insurers are now liable for passenger liability in any road accident involving Malaysian vehicle that occurred in Singapore regardless whether a liability to passenger cover is extended or not in the main policy. The Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Singapore (“SMIB”)…

Motor Insurers Bureau of Malaysia

Today I did a email posting on to the wall of this site and I must say, this was indeed a great success. Technology…. I marvel at it! Not forgetting I did blog posting using my android phone, it was…