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Navigating Coverage for Uber

The world is becoming more connected in the digital age. Suddenly, almost everything is about sharing. Not only are ride- and home-sharing services wildly popular, but on-demand deliveries of meals and packages as well as sharing of tools, clothing and even bathroom facilities when a portable toilet is unappealing are becoming ever more available.

The need for foreign vehicles to have local insurance on both sides of the Causeway

Having Singapore insurers cover foreign vehicles will lead to greater confidence for victims that their no-claims discount will be protected, as there will be no cross-border claims involved. Hence, this will encourage them to claim against their own policies first and get their vehicles repaired earlier.

Your Rights As A Motor Vehicle Passenger Under Road Traffic Act 1987 Section 91(1)

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Rewriting Our Private Car Insurance Policy In The Era Of Plain Language Policy Wordings I have to say, “All of us are passengers…. either at this very moment or sometimes in the near future”, but how much do you know…

Buying Your Motor Insurance with Passenger Liability Extension Cover?

This posting is about Legal Liability to Passengers (LLP) or in simple term, “Passenger Liability” – talks about what’s being covered and what’s not, including the insurers’ obligation under the Road Transport Act (RTA) to cover passenger liability in identified…

Passenger liability: Your kids are not covered…….

What is passenger liability cover in your private vehicle insurance policy? It simply means coverage for you in the event your passenger(s) sue you or your authorised driver for having driven the car negligently, resulting in bodily injury, death or…