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Jack Ma | His Speech In Hannover 2015

If the first and the second innovation of the technology revolution liberated the human strength, the physical strength, this revolution liberate the strength of human brain —- the future world will be connected by data, instead of oil or other things. It is not about how the internet connects business to consumers but rather how the use of big data helps business customise their offerings according to the needs of the consumers. Ma said that the key for Internet companies to surviving and enjoying long and prosperous lives would depend on how well they work together with traditional brick-and-mortar companies.

ASEAN in 2015: Will Lower Oil Prices Interfere with its Economic Expansion?

Talking about ASEAN and how as a regional hub will help push the Malaysian Insurance industry to a newer height, this is one good article at KNOWLEDGE@WHARTON —- I supposed this makes great reading since contents were tastefully compiled and presented. Hope our readers will enjoy…. The 620 million people living in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, are facing some potentially big changes in coming months, given lower oil prices and the formation of a regional economic community.

Digital Franking System (DFS) For Insurance Guarantee Stamping


A few months ago numerous insurance companies wrote to the Stamping Office of the Malaysian Inland Revenue Board (IRB) requesting that the stamping requirement for insurance bond or guarantee issued to cover foreign workers be simplified or to allow self-franking by the insurance companies themselves. Of course the original intention was to complain against certain companies and shame them (in public) over the manner the “Stamp Duty Paid” mark was placed onto their Foreign Workers Insurance Guarantee (FWIG) policy. At that time the public understanding was that any documents falling under BOND or GUARANTEE must be stamped at the Stamp Office and not to be handled by any third party.

Insurance Companies: Putting Generalists Above Specialists for Technology Transformation Project

Insurance Companies and Takaful Operators | In Technology Transformation Project I read K. Ram Sundaram’s article on Why It Is Important To Put Generalists Above Specialists for Your Technology Transformation Project at Insurance & Technology website with interest for I tend to think there are…

Competition Act 2010 | Enhance tech-driven tools and not more written rules!

Lady bosses tend to stick to more written rules and procedures...

Competition Act 2010 – How much do we know about this? How would its enforcement changes the way the insurance industry currently works? This should not be too difficult if we are to think in terms of DETARIFFICATION of our…

Malaysian Insurance Industry… Will Technology takes the driving seat?

Today, I happened to drop by a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Lecture Series where visiting Prof. Srini Devadas gave a lecture on IT in the year 2020 – Building COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE. How real…. Internet has to a large extent…

Open Web Asia 2010: Bits and Bytes of Web Tech for the Insurance industry

Open Web Asia, 13 & 14 July was some eye-opener for those who are not a techie or a geek… anyway there are not that many non-techies or geekies around either. In summary, the topics discussed were divided into three…