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Our Insurance eCommerce, B2C concepts needed some revisiting….

A PROJECT INTO INSURANCE e-COMMERCE FOR AGENTS I attended a function recently, a function where bloggers gather in a drinking place to make a fuss about all sort of things – from slow internet speed, poor paying advertisers, useless software…

Protected: Malaysian Airlines… Your transactional web-portal sucks!

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A RM500,000 GenPage web portal….. for Web Cage?

MSIG, Malaysia agents

Just can’t help taking a swipe at MSIG’s recent launch of their RM500,000 GenPage website portal. OMG! Is this some exorbitant show or what! In the days of open source, cloud computing and free templates for website building, why is…

Insurance Agent Websites – How to Take Your Agency Online

Key to better agency management

Smart insurance agents understand that having a well-designed insurance agent website is critical to succeeding as an insurance agent today. But how does an agent launch and manage their website? In this article, we look at the pro’s and con’s of the three main options insurance agents have available to them to launch and manage a website.

Pushing the limits of our markets and improving the memory of our audience through the tentacles of advertisement banners

Are you a blogger, facebook social networker, twitter messaging tweaker, some cyber-ians trying to make ends meet in cyberspace? Join us and try out some of our advertisement banners…. The money making banners may be just what you are looking…

A little bit and there on insurance-eCommerce under the Breeze….

Hi… I am now in the land below the wind – that’s Sabah, the place I “screwed” (not screwed up though…) for almost 17 years! Or was it luv?   Over the last couple of days, I picked up a…