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Reclassification of PA and Miscellaneous Insurances Tied to or Marketed Together with Motor Insurance

The General Insurance/Takaful Industry have agreed to reclassify PA/Misc. insurances that are tagged/marketed together with Motor Insurance as Motor Product under the paragraph 2.2 of the Phased Liberalisation of Motor/Fire Tariffs. Products like Passenger PA (whether as a package with other miscellaneous coverage or otherwise) and standalone Misc. Accident package tied to Motor Insurance (like the Enhanced Road Warrior) must now be of the Motor class and financially reported as part of the Motor “Others” or Non-Act.

What’s Next As General Insurers And Takaful Operators Prepare For The Unknown Poser Of The Phased Liberalisation Roadmap

The liberalisation roadmap (specifically referred to as the “Phased Liberalisation of Motor and Fire Tariffs” and referenced as BNM/RH/PD 029-8) had been put into effect on 1st July 2016 (by Bank Negara) but so far what have the General Insurers and General Takaful Operators been doing….?

The Post-1st July 2016…. Till 1st July 2017

As of now till 1st July 2017 we can only see submission in regards to submission to PIAM’s IPREB for wordings approval, firstly for those existing products that fall within current tariff framework but somehow part of product’s component or section may require a revisit from the tariff angle, and secondly, some insurers may wish to introduce some new add-ons (or currently called extension cover) of standalone products that leverage on the tariff products, for example passengers’ PA leveraging on Motor Insurance.

Detariffing Motor & Fire Insurance and Liberalisation of the Malaysian General Insurance Industry

The (BNM) Bank Negara’s Concept Paper on “PHASED LIBERALISATION OF MOTOR AND FIRE TARIFFS” is out, posted on their kijang-net portal and awaiting responses (until 29 April 2016) from insurance practitioners. I thought of highlighting what I could possibly see and decipher from the very “condensed” write-up. I would appreciate some feedbacks from you guys before I summarise some responses to BNM. By the way, I am not able to post the full concept paper here as the paper is not supposed to be for public viewing, nevertheless I should provide you with one if you have genuine intention to provide necessary feedback. Kindly provide me with the necessary info within the following contact form:

Usage-based Insurance and Telematics

Usage-based Insurance basically utilise telematics data provided by policyholders vide some embedded gadgets in the vehicle or home surroundings to help insurers redefine how premiums are being imposed. The manner the vehicle is being driven or how homes are being monitored or even how policyholder handle their daily affairs where Health Insurance is concerned are important for insurers to better understand the risk as it progresses through time. The starting point of acceptance may still be discounting of premium but safety of love ones and health of policyholders are slowly catching on…. Check the INFOGRAPHIC by Tower Watson in one of their US consumer survey on the use of usage-based insurances….

Stock-throughput insurance coverage in Marine Cargo Insurance

career in marine underwriting

Providing a STOCK-THROUGHPUT INSURANCE COVER or avoiding it? Excluding stock-throughput coverage in a Marine Insurance reinsurance treaty agreement is a norm. However, if you check with your peers the exact nature or meaning of what stock-throughput means, nobody seems to…

Market Value for Motor Vehicles

Market Value of Vehicles, Why not for the Birds?

How To Determine The Market Value of Your Motor Vehicle For Insurance? Check no further…. read this; it is from the Central Bank, The Consumer & Market Conduct Department…. Insurers and Takaful operators must ensure that they (including their agency…

Career in Life Insurance Underwriting?

Life Insurance Underwriting Life insurance underwriting is a crucial process for determining the risk profile and estimating the premium amount of a policyholder. The underwriting guidelines for insurance companies may differ from one another. When you purchase any type of…

New Motor Insurance Framework | 1st May 2011 Implementation

ROLLING OUT THE 1st MAY INITIATIVES In a recent meeting between Central Bank (aka Bank Negara) and industry (both conventional insurers and takasul operators) officials, Central Bank has directed the industry to make necessary preparation for a 1st May 2011…

Grab the Malaysia Motor Insurance Pool premium structure

Noticed from the traffic search for “Malaysian Motor Insurance Pool” of “MMIP” has grown substantially over the last couple of months… A total of approximately 8,000 page views over the last 8 months was observed. I thought it would be…

Motor Insurance Portfolio – A Magical Formula in time for Christmas?

Malaysian bak kut teh

Today is Christmas Eve and I am staring blank into my notebook’s screen….. and I am on leave currently – taking leave from the hustle and bustle of everyday life only to be inspired working on a Christmas-blog! Stucked along…