The Lunar Year of the Yang Metal Tiger starts its special CYCLE on the 4th February

On the 4th February 2010 stand up and be counted, for the CYCLE of the Metal Tiger shall commence and brings unto you the greatest of luck and charm into your life! Get up early before 6:30am and say your prayers….. live the new lunar year early. You are likely assured of a great year ahead.

Refreshing upon the previous insurance fengshui of the Brown (Yang Yin) female cow…. it was indeed a miracle year! Didn’t I wrote that the lunar year 2009 was easy despite the financial turmoil hitting the whole world?You merely put in longer hours and things would have gone your way… right? We did put forth suggestion on underwriting matters to avoid……

This 2010 lunar year, the year of the Tiger actually starts on 4th February 2010 at 06.49 hour although the new year falls on the 14 February 2010. Nevertheless, this new lunar would end in early morning of 3 February 2011.  So do not miss out welcoming the new lunar year’s special cycle on the 4th February 2010. This coming new year is skewed…. towards academic and intellectual achievement – thus if you wish to focus on this aspect this is perhaps the best year to start with….. It is also about the best time to discover your talents or the talents of your subordinates! It is a year really about the fruits of success rather than success itself.

Many say, this is going to be a fast and furious year. So put on your seat belt and start working diligently, but unlike the year of the earthly Cow, where you would have to work very hard, this new year would be all about fast and sharpness in decision making – wrongly or rightly, you have to push forward!

The simple things
A time to reflect upon academic and intellectual achievement.
Strengthening decision making is crucial.
Yang Metal Tiger year is more destructive rather than prosperous, so do handle with CARE!

The Yang Metal Tiger – (tiger descending mounting)  🙄            Some called it the Gold or White Tiger, but let’s not refer it this way because 2010 is just full of solid greyish-liked metals with the ecosystem and food chain full of hardness and sluggishness that go against the Grand Duke’s actions and his travelling path…. So, it is definitely a hard and tough year for all, but, the saving grace here is whether we can be swift in our decision making and putting them into action. If you are able to, then things would be rather rosy….. The Metal Tiger year begins in 2010 on Valentines Day! The last one was way back in 1950 and certainly that year brought about plenty of changes, challenge and even war. If we look to history, we noticed the 1950 Geng (Gold) Tiger year brought in much political turmoil throughout the world. The Korean War began, China invaded Tibet, the hydrogen bomb was developed, and probably most insidious of all was the strong increase in the power of McCarthyism, the FBI, CIA and NSA in the good old US of America. This is reflected in current times with crackdowns at airports, phone-tapping and big brother type surveillance.

A likely tumultuous year ahead....

Yang Metal Tiger is symbolised by two elements with metal sitting on top of wood. Wood is very much an inherent component of the Tiger. But Metal destroys wood and since both have conflicting presence are most certain to engage into a destructive cycle. Yang metal represents a metal weapon, a sword, a gun or cannon. Although it is associated with the quality of leadership, loyalty to friends, brotherhood and justice, but destruction along its trail is not something uncommon!

Brief breakdown of your outlook according to your zodiac sign:
Bad Chi Tiger and Monkey are in direct conflict with the gods…. Dog and Dragon would face lawsuits, so don’t put too much emphasis on you slicing underwriting judgment if you are not sure. What wrong with our Rabbit friend? Possibly may suffer some discomfort or ill health….. If you are selling Health insurance, spend more time checking out our rabbit friend – you do not want them to squeeze you health insurance fund, do you?
Good Chi Rooster looks good and should accomplish much in this new lunar year! But trust your instinct more…. when making decision! Pig, Cow and Goat should have it easy this year… So just take it easy, things will fall in place, if they do fall in place…..

The industry…. not favourable are postal, forestry, furniture, fashion, textile, paper, media, newspaper and magazines and the new industry of environmental protection.”


Something on fengshui in Underwriting – the concept is really to focus on things that accord protection to the Tiger, where wood element forms a dominant part of it
Metal is nourished by Earth and in turn it nourishes Water. Metal itself is seen destroying Wood but is controlled by Fire. Yin fire can sometimes be seen as a favourable omen, as the warming influence can be used to soften metal so that it can be moulded into more useful things. Likewise, an axe made of Metal can be used to shape Wood into something of greater value. The important answer to the likely tumultuous year is to adopt patience and embrace non-confrontational approach but yet prompt in making critical decision and clinical with implementation process.
The metal element of 2010 is expected to bring prosperity to “fire” industries and productivity to “earth” industries. Metal element is a symbol of money to the “fire” industry.

Metal element is a symbol of money to the “fire” industry – finance, investment, entertainment, chefs and energy.

Earth element produces metal; this will bring activities to Earth industry, which includes property, hotel, mining, and insurance.

The next best industries are metal and water. Metal industries are banking, machinery, engineering, computer, high tech and cars. Water industries are shipping, drinks, spa, transport, and communications.

The industry, which is not favorable, is wood element. Wood element includes postal, forestry, furniture, fashion, textile, paper, media, newspaper and magazines and the new industry of environmental protection. Wood industry may not be doing very well as their money element earth is absent.

The earth element 8 in the center of 2010 will also bring some problems with earthquake and misfortune involving children.

Insurance business is part of the Earth industry, thus it should do better than most industry…. (Re)insurers writing risks overseas with earthquake exposure are forewarned….

Looks like IPP and any energy related risks are looking good for the underwriting books…. but as usual, those risks relating to wood or containing wood elements must be thoroughly filter otherwise it is best practice to abstain. Looks like rubber related industries are also within the “Wood” Industry.

Tiger is an active traveling star, so we will see more people travel and this should benefit the airline and tourism industry.

There are clashes written in the stars that would bring forth serious traffic accidents especially car crashes.

The insurance industry must innovate along the airline and the tourism business channels but strengthening the insurers’ e-commerce channels including the social networking capabilities are important requirements.

The motor insurance segment of the insurance industry would bring forth more losses…. but despite this, competition for motor premium remains intense. There will be more players going after the high risks motor segment, but to an extent competing with MMIP for Non-third party liability premium…. with innovativeness that leaves MMIP with just the third party policy. Is this something new to you? 🙄

The Year of the Tiger 2010 is symbolized with metal sitting on top of wood (forming the component of the Tiger), thus a destructive cycle is imminent. This means the year 2010 will not be peaceful, where we may see some clashes in the country – cannot be sure if this relates to community or political related. It is good to avoid overly extending Riot Strike Malicious (RSMD) cover within certain areas…. but can we :mrgreen: ???

Most insurers, especially the claims practitioners should avoid litigation as much as possible, this is one year you should not place your trust in the legal fraternity!

“….. not a year to place too much trust in the legal fraternity”

(Ideas contributed by Bold Fate Chen and Szeto SweeYin – While they are experts in the field of fengshui, readers are still advised to seek a second opinion before….)

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  1. September 14, 2011 at 00:13

    Spot on with this write-up, I really assume this website wants far more consideration. I’ll most likely be once more to read much more, thanks for that info.

  2. ganesh
    February 3, 2010 at 08:44

    Last year is wood-based industries not favourable, this year also the same. Looks like every year our wood-based manufacturers are the beating boys! Or was this expected of all fengshui people?

    • February 4, 2010 at 00:15

      Well, I’ve checked out the last statistics from year 2002 till 2008…. amazingly this sector never failed to rack up claims ratios above 140% year in year out! When I said claims ratio, this means the figures have yet to factor in commission and management expenses. So the fengshui guy is right… this is a curse industry!

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