The Wonder of Maths can be mind-boggling

Before we get to the mind-boggling part of mathematics, do you know Sufiah Yusof (Born 1984). Sufiah was recognised as a child prodigy with a talent in mathematics that won her a spot at Oxford reading Mathematics at the age of 13, she somehow found her way into prostitution. And it has to be… she’s connected to Malaysia, not Malaysia Insurance Online though…

sufiah yusof the former child prodigy turned pro in prostitution

The lovely sight of Sufiah Yusof.... an old story worth discussing for a long long time.

This is not recent news having heard about Sufiah Yusof calling herself Shilpa Lee and advertised her body on an Internet sex site, charging 130 pounds an hour or $258….. that’s back in 2008.

“It is all desperately heartbreaking,” a friend of Yusof said. “With her amazing brain she should be able to make money any way she wants. But instead, her life spiraled completely out of control.”

Yusof describes herself as a “sexy, smart student” who prefers “older gentlemen” and offers services every day from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Yusof claims her father was “controlling and bullying,” which led her to ending the relationship with her family.

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At Malaysia Insurance Online we don’t normally deviate from the usual insurance stuff but since we have already got some steam from Sufiah and she being a Mathematical prodigy, why not try finding something more mathematical to talk about? Perhaps something to tickle your brains. I think simple algebra should do the job tickling away your brain… and that’s a Wonder of Maths… Try the following out and I am sure you get berserk…

The Algebra that wrote our hand phone numbers….
  1. Key-in the first 3 digit of your hand phone number (not the 01x number) into the calculator
  2. Multiply (x) by 80
  3. Add (+) 1
  4. Multiply (x) by 250
  5. Plus (+) last four digit of phone number
  6. Plus (+) last four digit of phone number again
  7. Minus (-) 250
  8. Divide (÷) by 2

YES! that’s your hand phone number?

Isn’t this mind-boggling?

Yes and do try it… it works all the way through.

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      Must be the spices in the curry…. cut down those spices for her, and why need to circumcise her vagina, leave it natural!

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