Tracking Insurance eCommerce

neutecaBlogging certainly means business as full time bloggers would most likely have to find the time to study materials and various inputs, research if necessary, analyse and put them into writings for insertion into the blogs; and despite all these he or she has got to make a living. This is reality if you are blogging serious stuff. It is really a long process if the blogger wants to consistently produce articles that are original writings and having the necessary quality to add to them. It is about giving the readers and followers their click-sense worth.

Then, there are times the bloggers feel down; caused mostly by technological glitches and inability of the bloggers to handle new things – frustration really kicks in. As a result alots of time were expanded to learn new twists & tricks, including getting the hands and legs strained….. of course with the mouth and heart cursing as long as we can all remember….. But once DONE, it is a new beginning again….. DAMN it, how many beginnings we need to go through?

This link is to recollect all the learnings and the uphill climb along the way….getting by till today.

Please CLICK into ….insurance-eCommerce

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3 comments for “Tracking Insurance eCommerce

  1. July 15, 2009 at 00:33

    I supposed this is an encouragement… I hope my write up would continue to interest all industry practitioners; from staff to agents and the customers. But i hope Mr. anonymous, you can also sign in to be a contributor! You seemed to have some flair with writing…. Register….and I will open some space for your contribution.

  2. Anonymous
    July 13, 2009 at 00:28

    To begin someting new, these are the challenges that which are inevitable. As you said, once you did it, that kind of satisfaction can be bought by money. Then you would find it the ups and downs are all worth it.

    Please continue. The hero dies ones.


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