Underwriting the Risk-Karma

I have always wanted to pen something really unconventional… compensating for my equally weird, quacky, quirky life…. I have managed to search out one of those articles (WRITTEN IN THE PAST – last year) to help take me through to my fifth year at Home-Coming. Perhaps the following article is good reading, but if it is not, just take it as my ranting over life, family, friends and the insurance industry. Simply puts, :mrgreen: it is all about sharpening our skills in underwriting the karma of risks.



Underwriting - trap in between Karmas

This 11th of March 2009 marks the third year into my homecoming. This 3-year journey has been long and winding; at times questioning my wisdom for all this. On the 15th march I was ushered in a room where there were no windows to the outside world. That was on the 16th floor of Menara BGI where I began my career as the Head of UW and RI ……that’s the floor that opened my eyes to what karma is all about……and what they meant in the underwriting process. One late night I happened to bump into a lady ghost appearing under the flickering light (of a lighting that was always kept on …..there was just no switch to it!). I tried avoiding her but she somehow appeared in my dream the very early next morning. When any ghost appeared in my dream, it has always been suffocating….just can’t breath and move.

When I was a young kid, my mom used to tell me that I would be a very difficult son growing up. I remembered toaist-mediums were often invited to pray so that nothing befalls me. I happened to born on the birthday of Cai Tien Tai Sing Yeah, name of the monkey god who accompanied XuanZang on the journey to the west. Why is this monkey god so special? In India he is known as Hanuman …. When Barrack Obama defeated Hillary in the race to the Democratic Party nomination, he carried a bracelet of a tiny monkey god and that’s Hanuman. It is not uncommon for most people who were born in mid-Sept or early-March possessing ability to see another dimension through the third eye (often refer to inner eye) channel….. Okay! Let’s not glorify something we are unsure of.

Below are transcripts of the dream-like conversation:

Lady ghost: Have you seen my karma, which I am waiting for too long a time…?

Me:                 What karma? I am a Christian….only karma is in heaven.

Lady ghost: I had done a lot of good things in my earthly life but died so miserably and suddenly….I am still here waiting for my good karma which I truly deserved…. You are a new person here, are you here to bring my karma?

Me:                  Karma….nothing to do with me! Perhaps you ask those people who have been around here for a long while…. By the way, why need karma to go to heaven? In Christianity, your sins would be forgiven and you move forward….no reason to stay around waiting for something you are not sure what is all about!

Lady ghost: You are making me cry! I needed the karma for incarnation….I do not want to come back to life having a lower caste or position worst of than now…. If I go down to Hades (Sheol), I would have nothing to show and bargain! (Sob….sob…).

Me:                 Why can’t you take the Christian path? All you need to do is go to Hades and then wait for a preacher to dispense the holy words to you; you then accept and declare them as the truth and nothing but the truth. You shall then be resurrected to heaven! It is just so simple…..

Lady ghost: Too simple to be true…..I have been a ghost for too long but never heard of such thing before. Is the preacher’s name Ti-Tshang Wang?

Me:                  I am not sure…any Christian preacher will do…..

Lady ghost: Thank you for your advice but I will continue to wait for the promised karma, which is the returning of my good karma that I had discharged during my life time here. Without this good returning karma, I would be chastised by the authority in Sheol or on my worst nightmare, I may be sent to Gehinnom (or Gehenna)……for sins may have been forgiven by God(s) but they are never forgotten by others, not those at Sheol! Therefore you cannot take any chances during this phase in Sheol.

Me:                 Is this so complicated? Christ was there…..everything looks simple!

Lady ghost: Remember! Good karma is a must…..in case no one told you, this job of yours needs you to identify good karma….they determine the fate of those insurance your company sells!


The 74th day saw me moving onto the 19th Floor occuping the room used by my predecessor. 19th Floor is abit gloomy and damp, people as I perceived were less lively and less engaging…there were lot more disagreements then. Working life was consistently on long hours, mainly for the purpose of catching up with prerequisite knowledge and skill-sets needed for this job. Leading to the “All souls’ Day”, I again bumped into that lady-ghost….this time against the poorly lighted background on the way to the toilet. Again, she crawled into my dream in the early hours of the morning……(ever since my mid 30s, I seldom have dreams).

Below are transcripts of this 2nd dream-like conversation:

Lady ghost: Looks like you have shifted to 19th floor…..this floor is not a good place for you….you will never be able to see through any bad karma coming your way!

Me:               When you come around, you are always on top of me, I am breathless! Can you release me otherwise you would suffocate me to death!

Lady ghost: You are on the lower spiritual dimension, your dimensional energy is always lower, that’s why you are having difficulties…..nothing to do with me!

Me:                  But why come here to disturb me? I have no karma for you……

Lady ghost: I am looking for my returning-karma to take me back home to Sheol…I am here to check whether this karma was trapped within this floor…..the worst of all floors!

Me:                 For GOD so love the world that he gave his only begotten Son…..Who so ever believe in him shall never died, shall never, never died! Take this path and go……

Lady ghost: Don’t tell me what I already know….just listen to me, this floor is not for you….you are too much a weakling to be here……your eyes will be overcometh by the accumulation of BAD returning-KARMA! You would be bad for business!

Me:                 Is that so? Then which floor to go?

Lady ghost: 16th floor is where I always reside because I believe that’s where good returning karmas will pass through. Stay as close to this floor and learn through your inner eyes…..You already have them!

Me:                 I don’t know…..I am not a believer of any karma…..but I don’t like you calling me WEAKLING either!

Lady ghost: Always remember to see through any bad returning karma ……they are for the owner, you don’t have to take them on their behalf……… It’s bad for business…..

Yes….It is another of those moments; suffocation, breathlessness and inability to move; that’s about it! I have seen them too often…..and they have the ability to crawl into your dreams but they are never damaging physically but may affect some of us, people of 3x dimension mentally over a period of time…… I remembered once in this little town called Tawau, Sabah, I had a dream while overnight in a hotel. Because there was inavailability of rooms after having made my booking much earlier, I was given a very large room after much apologies…..large suite indeed where I met a father-daughter ghost. Imagine, they were waiting for those Japanese who had tortured and killed them earlier on (obviously for revenge). But wait! it was then 2002 why on earth are they still waiting as the Japs had long gone since 1947…Amazing!


In the early part of May 2007, the UW department moved onto the 14th floor. This particular floor is like a broken up coop, as the department was broken up in two separate office space. It was spur of the moment sort-of-decision….coupled by the fact that “14” is my special (or is it karmic?) number. It occurs too often in my daily life, so I took it whereas the Claims department had earlier objected to 14th! Of course my “generals” were not too happy simply because of the ‘number’. Hitherto, the prophecy came true, to a certain extent we are now nearer to the best karmic floor, the ’16th’….. It is surprising that the lady ghost never appeared before me…again. Nevertheless, someone from ‘Marketing’ did provided an account of this lady ghost (but in another perspective….so much different from my experience) and that she was seen on the 17th and 15th staircase, obviously displaced during our office renovation period. “…..as the lady ghost puts it, the answers may well be in those “returning” karma(s) found in risks already existed in our books.”

On this 14th floor, things moved much faster as planned…results were enlightening; we got to the historical break-up of our underwriting department; into technical UW at HQ and data-processing at APC. The underwriting results for all business portfolios (directly or indirectly underwritten at 14th floor) were showing consistent and positive results…… Our target for the immediate is to strengthen our motor books …..we just need to see beyond our physical realm and as the lady ghost puts it, the answers may well be in those “returning” karma(s) found in risks already existed in our books. If they are that bad, we would have to work towards neutralising or purge them out from our system…. How? and What?… Thinking beyond the normal into the paranormal…seems to be a great idea? Still we just can’t simply cut them off as these bad karma(s) stick-and-spread just like cancerous cells in their 2nd and 3rd growth phase.


The implemenation of Risk-based capital (on parallel-run in 2008 and wef. 1/1/2009 for the full-run, created some ripples within our industry. The largest motor insurer was besieged by insufficient claims reserving over the past years of operations sending their incurred-but-not reported provisions sky-high, or was it incurred-but-not-enough reported? Coupled with the extra-hazardous motor portfolio books, premium liabilities were moving uptrend. Naturally, the industry motor loss-ratio goes up, mainly driven by the ACT related claims resulting in actuary drawing upon this fast deteriorating trend for a reason to re-examine their current assumptions made in the computation of the ultimate claims quantum. We supposed, for any major players in the motor segment, the pain is just that; trying to rid itself from the cancerous growth of the long-tail liability claims. Or was this a result of a convergence of the “returning” karma which was further aggravated by some bad acts of the yester-years….?

“Look! the economy of US has collapsed and this is not because of the lacking in analytical and actuarial tools.” The results as derived from the Western methods are not going anywhere…. Look! the economy of US has collapsed and this is not because of the lacking in analytical and actuarial tools. Neither is there anything to do with the lack of industry expertise. They just had too many. There is nothing religious and dogmatic about the concept of underwriting karma, or is this underwriting the karma…..? It is just that, of “Eastern” flavour. There is also no religion that is dead-set against interacting in a different dimensional realm….a realm that could possibly help us to identify those risks that have an intense level of convergence of bad energies (Chi) returning for their owner(s). “There is nothing religious and dogmatic about the concept of underwriting karma….. It is just that, of “Eastern” flavour.”

This eastern methodology….is not an easy step, perhaps more illusory than reality is able to achieve. But we believe the logics in respect of the workings are there, their existence is confirmed and the ability to use our third-eye is perhaps the only stumbling block. WE WILL MAKE IT WORK, even if it shall takes a life time……








In underwriting the karmas attaching to a risk, insurance Underwriting is no longer just about technicals, authorities and procedures. To look at it from an unconventional perspective, it is really about operational frameworks and spiritual understanding of risks. We can understand the needs to have a strong and efficient operations as enabler for underwriters to deliver value-adding to our customers but can we accept the understanding that risks do have spirits? Risks like any other elements that exist in the universe possess spiritual existence.

The major component of Risks is the Hazard, which is created by combinations of “energies” (or Chi). “Energies” as depicted from the perspectives of Karmic compensatory laws and Newton’s third law of motion arosed from those “Karma(s)” dispersed by the acts of the owner into the universe. These energies traverse the length and breath of the universe undergoing transformation, degeneration and revitalisation in the process of finding their path back to the owner. Finding their path back is a long and tedious process….along the path, they may wreak havoc, provide blessing to or stay in a state of hibernation (risk forms).

Underwriting in this context is to take a different dimension, a spiritual one in dealing with the individual risks submitted for consideration or analysing the underwriting books (portfolio) to determine the degree of undesired returning karma(s) building up within the portfolio….. But how do we do that? The western practitioners have prescribed technical risk reporting, risk-loss statistical profiling, actuarial-based rating, treaty programmes or obligatory cession, and most of all putting in place underwriting frameworks in setting a prescribed underwriting culture. OR in most cases, the industry had in the past relied on investment returns in overcoming poor underwriting performance. The many crises that our industry, and the world over faced since the Great Depression highlighted the weaknesses of this western-prescribed formula. This Eastern methodology of Underwriting Karma should thus be given more opportunity for concept testing…..

How does Underwriting Karma concept works? Human-kind is constantly facing risks of something going awry…..as hazards build up. Hazards are nothing more than a consistent build-up of energies (or Chi), ie. bad Chi are known to converge together. Bad Chi are known to be “returning” energies attaching to some bad karma. They are returning through the karmic path and space back to their owner (who had released the bad karma). Going through its karmic path and space, they can affect mankind……creating slums like in Dharavi, Mumbai as depicted in the movie. Slumdog millionaires. Sometimes the owner’s karma is released but stayed within the premises and regenerate itself. Or you may have those returning karma temporarily seeking shelter in hazardous-inclined space because they were blocked out from reaching the rightful owner(s)….fengshui…..practices the art of deflecting, diverting or neutralising bad karmas so that the yin and yang of the premise can be balanced in good cause.

So how do underwriters intend to screen these undesired “returnees” residing in an individual risk or within the portfolio books? We guess this is extremely difficult or perhaps to an extent is not practical; simply because underwriters are never holy people who are trained to see through their inner (or third) eye. Or can we change them and replace with the sacrosanct swamis, self-declared holy-men or little-buddhas from India, Thailand and Nepal? No, this is never practical anyway….they don’t understand insurance not to mention the coverage. Moreover, they would be increasing the number of foreign workers in this country…..

So….this is about inner eye seeing through the bad “returning” karma(s) forming part of the risk? OR isn’t this what the current underwriting world called “Gut-Feeling”? But from the western-side, underwriters have been checking on the behaviour of risks or hazards attaching to the risks? Since western methdoology is not good enough….we need to look beyond risks improvement surveys, hazards, exposures, an indepth understanding of portfolio and industry life-cycles, statisticals and moral perspectives to decipher a risk or the behaviour of a portfolio book. We need to understand the intensity level of returning Chi attaching to the risks or portfolio of risks…..that is elevating underwriters’ ability analysing the elements in spiritual realm, with discernment capability and to see beyond our worldly dimension.

However, there are many setbacks with this form of endeavour because inner eye and discernment can only provide us with “blurring” views of what is (or are) in a risk or the portfolio of risks….or otherwise they come in forms of dream which require indepth mantra interpretation, which can be arbitrary. This is something very unreliable…how can the company allows such level of indulgence, which doesn’t sounds scientific or mathematical? This can be easily resolved by merging the Karmic findings with those of the western analyses. We are confident that underwriting on karmic energies (or Chi) can work, if and only if we are able to caste away religious and ideological beliefs, and adopt the analytical perspectives of the “returning” karma(s) in identifying the extend of the hazards and how and when exposures turning BAD…..

To start it off…..we take this day, the day of celebrating GOOD KARMA to raise the awareness on such eastern cravings….. We should start this off with an indepth understanding of our third-eye or inner-eye and how they can be leveraged and optimised in order to see life-cycle behaviours and Chi profile of a risk. Optimisation of our inner eyes is really a long and tedious exercise; not much different from practising Yoga, Qi Qong or Tai Chi.

Interpreting a dream?

Dreams like this brings in alot of disturbing issues….just the thing called karma is enough to get you lost trying to understand the application of the term and including piecing up those weird encounters. The term “weakling” used made me lost confidence in my ability (at least for awhile…), which is supposed to be my forte…. The search goes on… looking at what she meant by “returning” karma and how is this suppose to work for the underwriters. We all know about bad actions of today attracts bad karma coming in tomorrow…..but is this about underwriters making bad decision and as a result of a host of claims coming in? But this is already common knowledge. Over this period, I realised that karma thrives within the spiritual world, a world that is of a different dimension from ours. Risks as they are presented to us are physical in nature, at least that’s what we have had been looking thus far….but they should be viewed as ‘energy’ or Chi; bad, neutral or good. As already explained above these are the Chi(s) that physical realm cannot comprehend…..you need to see them from the spirtual dimensions. This is where the third-eye comes into play…..

The third eye or seeing from our inner eye or self is paramount important in the concept of underwriting karma. It is about consistent training and practicing over and over again in order to see the karmic existence or the spiritual realm. As depicted in the diagrams, there is a great difference between seeing through our physical eyes and those purely from the third eye (as illustrated is between our eyes located at the bottom of the fore head). You see it and then compare with those analyses derived from the western methods, then make decision……sounds logical??

Celebrating the Day of Returning of the Karma and May all of us interact more with the Spirit of God or you may want to say it, “The Holy One”

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    U r quirky and funny. Stick to underwriting earthy risks and leave the karma to Nirwana.

    God bless.

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      Well, the lady ghost left me with something, something that I must disclose to the whole wide world…… Don’t underestimate the karma aspects of underwriting, they just come back to haunt you. Anyway, food for thought!

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