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Happy Valentine Day…. and wondering what to write about the occasion. Oh! yes… we are not going to get ourselves embroil in the recent fatwa (or edict) concerning “Mind the Valentine’s Day Trap”…

Perhaps it is good if we revisit one of our old articles written back in 2008 for Valentine’s Day…. and happy reading.

Am I cute? Ok... lah, having aged but still effective! (special thanks to for the image)

I can’t help but predict that more adult Malaysian will have an affair this year. In the 1987’s and 1998’s financial crisis, statistics had painted a grim fact of at least a 40 percent increased in divorce lawyers’ caseloads. It is a notable fact that during any recession or financial fall-outs, all of us yearn for fun, pleasure and release. We are more prepared to take our emotions and sexual risks to a greater height. Scientifically when stretch into extreme times, humans are reduced to our primary survival responses, where natural sorting process (survival of the fittest) tends to drives women whose husbands have lost their jobs to fantasise about other men in more powerful positions. Most of us would probably turned to alcohol to drown our sorrows, “shag” as opposed to making love, being more spontaneous, reckless even, and probably think, “How much more can we lose with this fling?”

Spouse getting suspicious of one another having an affair during troubled times can be a runaway. In general, this starts with some small arguments, engaging detectives to sleuth around one’s back, and then bashing one another up unabashly in public. I’ve seen this too often in the pubs…..

Perhaps taking this abit out-of-the-box, “What is so unreasonable about one spouse having an affair? Doesn’t everyone have affairs these days? I mean to say, Brad Pitt had a dalliance with Angelina Jolie before he left Jennifer Aniston; Bill Clinton had his fling with Monica Lewinsky while Hilary was in the room next door, and my friend Majis began flirting with a woman in the a downtown university library while his wife was playing afternoon bingo in the building across the road. His wife became suspicious when he keeps bringing back library books, doing it too often. Hitherto, Majis had never read anything beyond his daily tabloid newspaper. However, just as Hillary forgave Bill, Majis was forgiven.

It is common for the women to forgive their man for their philandering ways, but unlikely to forget what their man had done to them. In Majis’ case, his wife was more upset simply because he was having an affair with an extremely unattractive-looking woman than the affair per se. You see the rule of this affair game is that a woman cannot afford to lose to another woman if the latter is worse off that her. They just can’t accept the fact that the other woman is not anything better than her and yet the husband is deeply in love with. This perhaps stemmed from guilt, that her relationship with the husband is too shallow relative to that extra-marital affair.

“…but women are hell bent on carrying a grudge.”

I don’t know about you, but women are hell bent on carrying a grudge, especially in Majis’ affair involving the utmost unattractive lady. If I am caught as Majis had, I can’t help but thinking about when my wife is going to poison my food. It just happened that Majis and I think alike, ie. the poisoning wife….? I think the fear of it drove Majis to leave his wife for the very same woman that he used to have a fling with. It doesn’t matter if she is not beautiful and curvy; Majis’ focus was probably to stay clear of the poison!

Remember the American woman, Nancy Kissel who was convicted (2005) (conviction still in the appeal process) of killing her banker husband in Hong Kong by serving him (2003) a laced milkshake and then bashing him on the head (with a metal ornament) till death do us part? Nancy’s trial made headlines worldwide because of its allegations of drug abuse, kinky sex and adultery in the world of expatriates in Hong Kong.

“… trying Chap Goh Mei, the night of courtship?”

Let’s forget about the increasing divorce rate and talk abit on the have not’s….and the hopefuls. Have you tried the Chap Goh Mei night of courtship? The guys lost their bananas and the girls lost their mandarin oranges…. what wasteful fun? Cheaper to try the monorail!

If you are getting marry or soon-to-be, do consider buying a FAMILY-CONTINGENT PACK COVER. You never know if you need a policy to pay for all the miserable costs in the breakup. Anyway, cross-firing into an affair or not I wish everyone a simple but happy valentine’s day.

Something for the jazz of it….

Can’t help falling in love and then, can’t help divorcing your partner?

What the market needs is a contingency cover against divorce, especially in times like this. There is a good market out there, where marrying couple can purchase a package catering for unavoidable contingencies before, during and after marriage.

So, what does this Family-Contingent Insurance Package covers? In summary, we can at least look at the marriage preparation costs in event of a cancellation, the fuzzy-logics of the new-found family growing in size, you may want to add HO and HH as part of the cover and thereafter event of a divorce, which may just be looming around the corners (….who knows?).

If the Family Pack is too expensive, there is this Marriage support insurance. It is designed to protect the emotional, physical and financial well being of a married couple that holds a policy. As with many other kinds of insurance, premiums are paid during the term of the policy and benefits are provided to a beneficiary, usually one or both spouses. A first benefit of marriage support insurance is intended to encourage a marriage relationship by providing counseling resources to a married couple that holds a policy. A second benefit of marriage support insurance is to provide invested savings for a couple that remains married for the entire term of the policy by transferring the premiums paid for the policy into a marriage insurance savings account. A third benefit of marriage support insurance is financial assistance to one or both spouses should the marriage fail. Preferably, an educational campaign that informs the public about the devastating effects that divorces impose on individuals and on society is included in the method by which this insurance product is promoted.

Happy Valentine… again!

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