Your Travel Insurance Not Paying For Haze Related Claim?

This one article is interesting…. insurers don’t pay claims triggered by haze simply because haze was man made. Of course which haze is not man made!

The following is the article…. although is very much Singaporean but still is an interesting write up. As I know, most travel PA covers for accidental related events…., so are very much guided by the understanding of what deemed to be an accident, which for most, accident is defined to mean any sudden or unexpected and/or violent event on the part of the Insured Person, resulting directly and independently from action of an external cause, other than any intentionally self-inflicted cause. So it is always the question of whether the delay or curtailment of the journey falls within the accidental cause…. was it self inflicted or an event that is expected, i.e., knowingly that travelling under extreme hazy days may mean cancellation or delay is bound to happen, and if it did happen the Insured Person is expected to bear the risk him (or her) self…. but then, it’s just haze and do you actually expect all things to be on a stand still?

Haze Disrupts Man’s Travel Plans, But MSIG Insurance Refuses to Pay Claims While Friend Gets S$300 from Aviva
Posted on Jan 4 2016 – 6:52pm by Redwire Singapore

Two friends were travelling home to Singapore from their holiday in Langkawi when their travel plans were disrupted by the haze.

One who had taken out MSIG travel insurance got nothing, while his friend, an Aviva customer, received S$300 in compensation for the delay.

The incident happened in September last year.

Mr Yang, who bought travel insurance from MSIG, says that his flight was cancelled due to the haze.

As a result, he and his travelling companion had to take a ferry and bus in order to return to Singapore – a journey that took them 41 hours.

Mr Yang tried to claim compensation from MSIG, but was told that he would receive a grand total of zero for his efforts.

That’s because the haze was caused by “human factors” and not natural factors that occur in the environment.

Meanwhile, Yang’s pal, who bought an Aviva policy, managed to claim compensation of S$300.

Was MSIG justified in refusing compensation?

It appears to be the case.

In the terms of its travel insurance policy, it states it will pay compensation for travel cancellations and delays that result from  (take a close look at number 7):


Please read the policy conditions....

The haze was considered as a man-made “disaster” and hence not part of the deal.

Some insurance companies like ACE also won’t compensate for travel disruptions due to the haze unless the disruption is due to medical reason, but NTUC Income have adjusted their policy to include haze-related disruptions.

So remember to read the fine print when you buy your next travel insurance policy, and weigh the price of the policy against the coverage it offers.

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